WE ARE RANKED 2ND! BLQ’s Second Year Blog-niversary Special

It was during the height of national elections in the Philippines in 2016 when politics took over all daily conversations on social media. Tired of seeing online debates and political mudslinging, I decided to leave the pitiful battleground where nobody wins and everyone becomes a victim. Then I drew my own course, and started anew… a place I call my Noah’s Arc.

I can still remember how BEST LIFE QATAR started as a simple family journal back then (using WordPress). I got a little scared that maybe nobody would notice it, or nobody would read. But at least for me, this is a space where i can write what i love and share the beautiful memories I’m having with my family to the people who love the same stuff.

From documenting our staycation at the newly opened Shangri-la Hotel Doha, it has featured a lot of other staycation destinations, foodie places, community events, and recently… even travel abroad.


My first blog entry didn’t have photos on it. It was really meant to be a simple and personal diary. So I’m sharing the old (blurry) photos and the link to the “historic” first post HERE.

As an alternative to our weekend family bonding, we make it a point that what we visit and feature are family-friendly establishments and events since our circle had also evolved from singlehood to raising a family in Qatar. And true enough, we felt the influence that we are giving to our readers when we see that our activities for the day became their destinations the following week.

Although still apprehensive on the fact that social media users may not be interested on written blogs, I just try to deliver exciting contents that has direct benefits to them. With the use of more photos than words, keeping it short and direct to the point, staying relevant and up-to-date – are but some of the reasons why our followers are glued to what’s next on BEST LIFE QATAR.


Providing Training and Seminar

After being given an opportunity by the Philippine Independence Day celebration committee last June 2017, it paved the way for BEST LIFE QATAR’s pet project for 2017. We had regular meet-up sessions and support groups to those who want to start blogging. And with the help of my fellow bloggers and our venue sponsor – Figaro Qatar, we were able to conduct series of lectures on how to start a blog and even expanding it to various fields of interests like food, travel, and beauty.

Sharing My Passion: My first ever lecture about blogging


Informative Blogs – Family Oriented Topics

Still, our most popular blog posts, are related to procedures on tourist or family visa applications, as well as passport renewal issues. It seems like I’m almost working for the embassy or travel agencies while answering their questions. But most importantly, it’s a great feeling of being “the only person who can give them AN ANSWER” when they are too stressed out in their situations.

New Procedures for Visa Stamping at Qatar Embassy in Manila


As one of the “go to” sites for new Hotels and Restaurants

It’s flattering to hear that more and more people are checking on BEST LIFE QATAR posts for new hotels and restaurants in Doha. While keeping this in mind, I also make sure that I read a lot and monitor new openings and even those unpopular places that are also worth visiting. It feels good to be a trailblazer!

MONDRIAN DOHA: 7 Things we love about this Instagram-worthy hotel



Marketing Campaign and Promotions – “Discount Codes”

I was also blessed to work with several brands and initiated social media campaigns to some of them. From hotels to cafes… my background in Sales and Marketing, as well as in Research was put into use once again.

My First Instagram Contest


International Partnership

Recently, we included TRAVEL into our line-up of activities for Best Life Qatar. We are looking forward to work with more hotels, travel agencies, and even different tourism boards in the future.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Fairmont Baku, The Flame Towers



The Invisible Angels

Never did I imagine that angels do exist in the blogging world. These are the people who have been referring me to different companies and who believed in me and my capabilities. They are those who have been observing my works from afar and introducing me to brands that I wouldn’t have the courage to meet on my own. Really, I appreciate these people who have chosen to remain anonymous up to now. A BIG SHOUT OUT to these wonderful souls!

Experience The New Shangtastic Brunch at Shangri-la Doha this Holiday Season


TOP 2 Blogger in Qatar

Feedspot (an independent group) ranks the best social media blogs from thousands of top social media blogs in their index using search and social metrics. These blogs are ranked based on following criteria: Google reputation and Google search ranking, influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites, quality and consistency of posts, and Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review.

Best Life Qatar was ranked 2nd among the many bloggers in Qatar. Thank you to everyone in FEEDSPOT. What better way to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary than with this token of appreciation.



Let’s make a world of difference!

We are armed with a “pen and paper”… any writer’s most powerful weapon. With a simple stroke… key-ing few words from our computers… and we can either become “a blessing or a curse”. The power of social media hasn’t gone beyond it’s full potential yet, but its effect on people’s lives and businesses are so immense, it is bound to stay.

The choice to be positive and to be inspired lies in our hands. Let’s use every opportunity to make this world a better place. Cliché as it may sound, but world peace is what we really need right now. Peace that transcends all understanding… peace that begins in us. Peace that goes beyond any blockade… and peace that says, our beautiful life goes one.

That the next time we post something, it will be just pure joy… a bliss coming from a content heart. Regardless of readership or virality, it’s happiness worth reading.

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”



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