Time Rako Hotel: It’s Time To Head South

Over the weekend, we celebrated the 2nd Blogniversary of BEST LIFE QATAR with an unexpected gift, an overnight stay at TIME RAKO HOTEL in Wakrah.

Although, we have initially made an online booking for the same hotel so we can feature it in the blog, we were later on informed that it will be given for free as a compliment from the hotel. What a great way to celebrate a milestone!

This reminded me of a great story ever told – that while we are searching for our own happiness in life, someone paid everything to give us a great experience, ABSOLUTELY FREE. We sometimes worry, we sometimes do things on our own, only to find out that God has orchestrated everything just for us to have life, and have it to the full.

Aside from new malls, hospitals, schools, and the soon-to-be completed World Cup Stadium and Metro Rail in Wakrah, there are also a lot of master-planned residential communities being built in the area, making it one of the best alternative places to stay outside of Doha.

In this episode, we will show you some of the main attractions that you shouldn’t miss while heading South.

Souq Wakrah

Though I have written several posts about it earlier on, it is one of our top itineraries to visit during our planned staycation at Time Rako Hotel. After doing all check-in formalities, we immediately went straight to Souq Wakrah hoping to get a nice sunset shot. But since we came in a bit late because of work and sun usually goes down fast and earlier during winter, we just settle there for the early evening stroll. To get a sunset shoot of the maze like structures, it is advisable to get down as early as 4 in the afternoon. However, a sunrise shoot might be an even better scene to do landscape photography.

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We grabbed the chance to visit one of the popular restaurants along the beach – COPACABANA. The last time we visited, their brazilian churrascaria won’t be served until after two hours so we skipped it and had dinner somewhere else. But this time we were successful and it sure lived up to the hype… though the ambiance is seeing minor signs of sluggishness, the food quality for its price is still good.

Family Beach (Wakrah and Sealine)

With the view of the beach from your room window, you will immediately think that swimming is within easy reach. While the beach is only few minutes walk from the hotel property, it is only ideal for a morning walk while enjoying the breeze that you don’t normally have in the city.

Wakrah Map.png

However, for those who want to frolic in the sand and bask in sea waters, a few minute drive away is the Wakrah Family or even the Sealine Open Beach.

Messaieed Sand Bashing

And talk about Mesaieed, one of its promising features is its gold sand dunes. You may arrange for some tours and schedule your pickup at the hotel for an authentic Arabian sand bashing experience.

Time Rako Hotel: A new and promising hotel South of Doha

Only around 10-15 minutes away from Hamad International Airport, TIME RAKO HOTEL is one of the newest and the nearest hotels that you can get upon arriving in Qatar. With road constructions underway, it is expected to facilitate traffic and lessen the time of commute to and from the airport to anywhere in the city.

TIME RAKO HOTEL offers a relaxing ambiance with a touch of Arabic tradition… from the interiors to their brand of service. It is a four star hotel equipped with facilities like a roof top pool, gym, spa and two restaurants and two cafes which are all in its initial opening stage.

Want to get more highlights of our TIME RAKO HOTEL experience? Please do come back for the second installment on Thursday.


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