Men’s Grooming: Time To Level Up The Game

“In an era of gratuitous, social-media-stoked vanity, how can men make sure they look their best without crossing the line into self-obsessed weenie-dom?” This was the opening question in a GQ article entitled How to Be Vain: A Modern Man’s Grooming Guide.

But in an expat setting like ours: an eight-hour work with an hour daily commute, a 6-day shift, with little to none exercise and most often, a diet that is oil based – how can we actually maintain a good stature and still look good in front of people?

The answer lies on our ability to put up a habit. If we regularly practice something that is essential in our lives, then no matter how difficult the schedules will be, our mind will battle it out for what it has already set to do.

Undoubtedly, some of the most obvious areas where men’s upkeep usually fail – aside from fitness and oral care, are on hairstyle and relaxation. Lack of time and availability of affordable and accessible salon and spa were “reasons” (they say) why most men’s hairstyles are already giving us signs of their stress level.





Good thing, there were two young Filipino expats in Qatar who were inspired to address just that armed with their vision to provide Filipino style salon and spa services to everyone. With all of their staff who worked with popular barbershop and reflexology spa in the Philippines prior to their deployment in Doha, they are confident that they will be able to bring in homegrown brand of hospitality.

The name DJ Salon and Spa for Men was coined after the names of its owners, Dennis and JP. Being in Qatar for quite a while now, they both saw the opportunity to open up a business serving not only fellow Filipinos but other nationalities as well.


DJ Salon and Spa for Men opened for the public in mid-March 2018 in a simple ceremony. It is located along Al Khalidiya Street in Najma area and is very accessible especially to residents nearby. The area is quite popular for some Asian restaurants like Oriental Kitchen and the Najma Used Furniture Market more popularly called Souq Haraj which is also close by.

Aside from supporting our very own, everyone is encouraged to step up their grooming habits and build a discipline related to personal care. As a good hairstyle and grooming builds up confidence, a relaxed and sound mind also helps in making a positive stance in all occasions.






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