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QATAR TAXI: The latest (mobile-app) solution to commuting in the city

Nowadays, there seem to be more options to go around the city using public transportation. With new shopping malls going farther away from the city center, and even many popular tourist destinations not being highly accessible like the Pearl or Wakrah, a better public transportation system is indeed necessary. While waiting for the DOHA METRO to be operational by the end of 2019, Qatar residents will have to contain themselves with what’s available.

Though much of the existing facilities aren’t really used by many unlike in other cities around the world, Karwa Bus still remains to be the cheapest means of transportation in Qatar at a minimum Qr2.5 for short trips with a maximum single fare of Qr9 to Al Shamal and Abu Samra on the Saudi border.

Then, there is also Karwa Taxi – the turquoise green cab, which is considered to be the most convenient mode of transport especially on routes not covered by buses like the airport and many inner roads around the city.  A good friend of mine wrote about the different karwa operators in his article in @iloveqatar.

Over the years, we have also seen the proliferation of private cars, later on organized as limousine cars. However, some of them do not have fixed rates that’s why many commuters turn to more reliable, app-based transportation networks like CAREEM or UBER.


Recently, HBJ Trading & Contracting Company launched some of its latest innovations in a simple celebration held at Four Seasons Doha. The event was led by their President, Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Al-Thani, and Vauban CEO, Mr. Mitchell Scherr.


As they aim to take the lead in IT development through its “Made in Qatar for the People in Qatar”, HBJ is responding to the present challenges through a number of focused IT initiatives like: VAUBAN – Qatar-based enterprise Cyber Security Management Platform Provider (for businesses); QSERVE – the first online home service provider (for residential), and QATAR TAXI – the first locally-designed transport app in the country (for commuters). All of these initiates has already kick started the local IT and software development industry.

QATAR TAXI: Your Private Driver In Qatar

On the onset, it is perceived as the local version of UBER or GRAB offering safe ride anywhere in Qatar, 24/7 support, and a rapid response team. It hopes to generate immediate public support in order to become a fully operational system.

Initially, this is what QATAR TAXI APP looks like on your phone. Though they are still in its formative stage, the application is bound to improve as soon as more limousine drivers enroll in this program.

Click to Download the App now:


For the commuter’s side, our hopes are high that this latest innovation will not only address fair fare system but also the concerns on safe and clean cars, as well as presentable and efficient drivers. At the end of the day, a pleasurable experience is important especially if the country is positioning itself to become a preferred travel and business hub in the region.

The vision hopefully will be similar to that of Qatar Airways in providing 5-star quality service and will become another Qatari-brand that will also be known globally through the word-of mouth by its happy customers.

For more information, you may contact QATAR TAXI:

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