AYLA: A Special Screening Invitation

I’m trying to hold back my tears on several occasions when emotions are high… especially during the two scenes where Sgt. Süleyman and Ayla have to part ways… ahhhh, its beyond sadness.

There was an instant beating in my heart when I received the invitation for a special screening of AYLA: THE DAUGHTER OF WAR. Aside from being a Turkish movie (a country which is becoming “special” to me – will tell more about it in the coming days), it also tells about the story of a Korean girl during the war – and that means, id be like watching another sub-titled K-drama. Oh boy, I thought i was looking at Jasmine’s eyes all throughout the movie… and how i can not be affected by it?



The story of Ayla and Süleyman came to light with the investigations of the dedicated journalists who grew up with the heroic stories of the Korean war. After several failed attempts, the journalists found Ayla-Kim Eunja. Finally after 60 years, the long lost daughter and father were reunited in Seol. This became a documentary.

The emotional success of the first documentary, caused ‘Ayla-The Daughter of War’ film to be born. The film, which was produced by Dijital House Productions’s strong team and an international cast inspired a second documentary to be born, this time with the real heroes of this true story. The day of being broadcasted in Korea on the 7th of March 2017 on Korean MBC Channel, it was the show with the highest second rating. That same day, the name ‘Ayla’ #아일라 and Turkey were the most popular searched words on Google in South Korea.

Here is AYLA, a heartwarming, emotional film with its real heroes still alive, longing for each other for 65 years. – official website of AYLA FILM


In 1950, amidst the ravages of the Korean War, Sergeant Süleyman stumbles upon a half-frozen little girl with no parents and no help in sight. Frantic, scared and on the verge of death, this little girl captures the heart of Süleyman, who risks his own life to save her, smuggling her into his Army base and out of harms way. Not knowing her name and unable to communicate with her, Süleyman names her Ayla, in reminiscence of the moon on the fateful night during which they met. The two form an instantaneous and inseparable bond, and Ayla, almost effortlessly, brings an uncanny joy to the Turkish brigade in the grip of war. As the war comes to a close however, Süleyman’s brigade is told that they will be returning home. Süleyman cannot bear abandoning Ayla, and does everything within his power to take her with him. After repeated failure, he is forced to give Ayla to an orphanage, but doesn’t give up on the hope of one day reuniting with her.

Will the two ever get back together? – official website of AYLA FILM


One doesn’t have to be born of your own flesh and blood to be called a son or daughter.

The emotional roller coaster was too intense we were immersed from happy moments of father-daughter love between two strangers, to their heart-breaking separation when war was almost over and Sgt. Süleyman have to go back to his homeland (Turkey).

When you left everything behind to answer the call of duty for your country and come back home with nothing, even a love you thought was waiting for you.

While it was not a romantic love story, it also shows an angle of hope and despair, the choices one has to make, the sacrifices one has to take. And ultimately, an unselfish love shown by the woman who married Sgt Suleyman later on.

When all your life’s purpose is to fulfill a promise “to come back”.

Imagine being separated to the one you love… and all your life, your only hope is to be reunited… though you’re worlds apart and life’s many complexities abound… fate will have its way to bring you back together again… even if it takes 60 long years.

Sgt. Süleyman: “I’ll come back, ok? I’ll come back and we won’t ever be separate again.”

Ayla: “You promise?”

Sgt. Süleyman: “I promise. (A) Father strive for their children. They live for the promises they made for them. I will come back.”

And when a film was about Father’s love.

War themes and love stories in Pearl Harbour or a bit of Miss Saigon? Those where my thoughts before going to the theater. But it was plainly the bond between two strangers – a child orphaned by war, and a man separated to his love ones by the call of duty. And it was heartwarming.



Ayla is a Turkish film and the country’s official submission for the 2018 Oscars for Best Foreign Language Movie. Although the movie did not made it to the final list, it was still a great movie. Set during the historic Korean war, the majority of the movie’s scenes are shot in Korea and a probably less than a quarter in Turkey.

It showed Turkey’s friendly spirit toward other nations – a gesture that many countries like South Korea truly appreciates (even Qatar during the present times).

Special thanks to TURKISH AIRLINES for bringing this movie to Qatar. Unlike the usual MOVIE PREMIERS I’ve been to, Turkish Airlines prepared a red carpet welcome and a simple cocktail evening (by W Doha) with dignitaries from different foreign embassies in Qatar top billed by the Turkish and Korean Ambassadors.








It was also an opportunity to proudly showcase a country’s pride: TURKISH AIRLINES – the flag carrier airline of the Republic of Turkey and the only 4 Star airline in all categories in Europe known for having the largest global network carriers in the world.

TURKISH AIRLINES: Address: Crown Plaza Business Park، Al Matar St, Doha. Phone: 4443 3027.

*Special thanks to SEVEN MEDIA for the invitation. SHOWING ON CINEMAS IN QATAR starting April 12, 2018. Checkout the schedules at

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