StrEATS OF DOHA Part 1: Matar Qadeem

As seen on our instastories, BEST LIFE QATAR will be featuring some of the popular STR-EATS OF DOHA – a series title playfully coined to highlight the areas where people can head over for their sunset meals during the Ramadan season.


Since almost all restaurants are closed during the day, except for few ones located inside the hotels, finding a place to dine is really very challenging. Head over to LIFE ON THE WEDGE blog for some daytime dining recommendations.

However, in the observance of the holy month of Ramadan in Qatar, expats are definitely advised to follow and respect this sacred tradition, just as MARHABA discussed on their recent post (details on the link).

Matar Qadeem Street

First on our itinerary is the Matar Qadeem Street which is (approximately) a 2-kilometer stretch road and can be traversed in less than 5 minutes by car. It is located in the Old Airport area – one of the 16 districts of Doha and very close to the site of Doha’s old international airport servicing Qatar before the construction of the Hamad International Airport. Running through the district Old Airport Street are large number of businesses and retailers which cater to the residents of the area (wiki).


Popular Restaurants

Matar Qadeem Street has become one of the busiest roads, not only for its proximity to the old Doha airport, but because of the growing expat community living in the area. Aside from food, this street has become a hub for common household needs like supermarkets, salon, car wash, textiles, ticketing office, banks, and more.


But over the years, Matar Qadeem has also become even more popular with favorite restaurants which has also generated loyal patrons, including Turkish restaurants, as well as some Indian eateries, and several small tea houses in the area.

Who doesn’t know Habeeb, a popular Turkish Restaurant along Matar Qadeem Street?


Wanna eat on  the floor? Head over to Afghan House for this unique dining experience.
Affordable tea while waiting for carwash? Yes, Tea Time takes care of that.


Shawarma with Filipino flavors, hmmm… why not?
This is originally the site of Marina Restaurant – a Filipino canteen popular for their crispy chicken skin. Now it’s under a new management specializing on South Asian cuisines.


This is the only full-pledge seafood restaurant in the area.
A strip of popular restos on the other end of Matar Qadeem Street: Turkey Anadolu Restaurant, Papa John’s and Shore Time Restaurant.


This is a cozy coffee shop offering Egyptian desserts and hot or cold beverages. Their most popular is the ice cream rolls.
A take-away favorite for Filipino and Chinese food.


Going Moroccan? Checkout Snack Marok for an ethnic Moroccan taste.

During Ramadan, you will also notice small kiosks lining up Matar Qadeem Street selling the popular samosas and other Ramadan favorites (especially during late aftternoon). Make sure to check them out when you pass by.



New Establishments

As more and more people are choosing to stay in Matar Qadeem area, it has definitely attracted more and more food establishments to open there. Here are some of the newly opened restaurants we’ve spotted in the area.



They just opened days before the start of Ramadan 2018. They specializes on Indian food and has a cozy dining ambiance as well as a spacious area on the first floor.






This is  a newly opened restaurants across Habeeb Turkish Restaurant, specializing in Filipino food like Goto – one of the many variants of Pinoy congee colloquially known as lugaw or a rice porridge made with glutinous rice and beef tripe simmered in a ginger-based broth.




Adding up to the ever growing cafe’s in Qatar is Brooks Cafe, a new concept which offers mainly shakes, lassi, mocktails and sandwiches (surprisingly, no coffee!) but with a very instagram-worthy atmosphere. Every corner is picture perfect! Call: +974 3146 6733.




A fast-food shawarma chain similar to the popular burger and fried chicken joints but specializing in Halal foods like doner burgers, Qatari sandwiches, roasted chicken, falafel, and varieties of shawarma products. For delivery, please call Mr. Shawarma: +974 4444 (MSTR) 6787.


Another newly opened Indian-Chinese restaurant, with a bit of a bar-feel because of it’s dim-lit dining area upstairs. They serve very affordable Indian food and also caters to Southeast Asian appetite with their Chinese favorite dishes. This restaurant is located beside Papa John’s. For inquiries, call: +974 4441 5615.



Also, in the coming episodes, we will try to venture the streets of Al Nasr in Al Sadd and some other places that we will discover in the coming days. If you have suggestions, please feel free to comment down below and we will try to consider it if fits the concept of streets with many restaurants that people can go during Ramadan nights.

More photos of featured on BEST LIFE QATAR instagram soon.


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