StrEATS OF DOHA Part 2: Al Nasr

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This time, we are featuring yet another popular street. I came to know this as it is our regular bus route going to Al Sadd area during my early years here in Doha. Some said that Al Nasr used to be a prime commercial location in the past and was really known for business and trading.

Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street

Though technically, it is not Al Nasr Street (as our blog title suggests) but many people had been accustomed to calling this street by this name for many years already. There is an actual Al Nasr Street which is relatively shorter and located inside the residential area of Al Nasr – but that is not the spot that we are going to talk about for this series.

In reality, the correct street name of our subject is Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street which passes through two big communities of Al Mirqab and Fereej Al Nasr. This is one long stretch of foodie destination that you can also check out if you are on the look out for places to go for your sunset meal.

Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street

Popular Restaurants

Over the years, there has been a lot of new establishments sprouting in this area of Al Nasr. Specifically along Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street, there are new shopping malls, supermarkets, and restaurants that has opened and will be opening in the coming days.

But there were also popular spots that people really go to for their specialty items.

Who doesn’t know Turkish Central Restaurant… their popular shawarma, mixed grill, hummus, grilled chicken, Turkish bread, etc…
Ow! and Marmara too…
How about the Afghan Brothers… for a traditional dining experience.

Padthai and massage? We have it here!
A Taste of Filipino cuisine.
Lebanese food on the go!

I initially thought this is a Filipino concept… but it is a Syrian Restaurant. And look at the interiors, very classy!


Another Turkish restaurant with a bit of cozy dining ambiance
A strip of popular eateries in Al Nasr
Bateel Cakes… time tested goodness!

Found the first branch of this popular burger brands during food festivals… it all started here in their Al Nasr branch.
Craving for fresh natural fruit juices… they’ve built a palace for it!

New Establishments



One of the biggest thing in this area is the opening of Mirqab Mall early this year. Though some of the stores are still not opened, it has redefined the lifestyle of the nearby residents – with Carrefour for grocery needs, and Flik Cinema which is offering an affordable ticket price compared to other 3D cinemas in Qatar. With a new mall comes an array of different foodie destinations including the popular Casper & Gambini’sCaffé ConcertoPaul, and the new Italian restaurant Margherita.


An Indian cafe concept selling their signature karak, cakes and breakfast. Their other branches are open 24 hours, so we have to re-confirm when they officially open in few days after publication of this post.



Another newly opened restaurant which specializes in Kuwaiti local cuisine and reflects the local custom and dining tradition. Upstairs are unique dining dining rooms with options for tables or floor setup.



It is sandwich in between small offices so it easy to miss. The outside seating area is cool but the inside is very plain and they have small rooms for floor dining.


Upcoming Establishments



This is the next big thing in Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street. Doha Souq Mall has the capacity to accommodate 22 retail spaces, a supermarket, 20 food and beverage outlets, three atrium lobby cafes, 26 offices/clinic spaces, a play area and two basement car parks, and is expected to open in the last quarter of 2018, according to earlier reports.




A healthy food restaurant targeting the diet-conscious market with initial store in Al Wakrah area and will be servicing their Doha clientele very soon.



We haven’t collected any information about this establishment but maybe we have to watch out til it opens in the coming days.



While attending several Iftar and Sohour invitations during the first week of Ramadan, i realized how dangerous it can be if breaking the fast is not done properly. With all the food options available in the STR-EATS OF DOHA which we are featuring in the blog… plus the super delicious and visually enticing Ramadan tents I am posting on Instagram, i can only offer this reminder to all our brothers who are doing their fast during Ramadan.

I managed to check out some standard guidelines and listed down some important things to consider:

  1. Eat slowly. Start introducing raw fruits, vegetables, grains and beans into your diet.
  2. Pay attention to your body (for any inconveniences like constipation, etc.) for other things that could give you signs that you’re breaking your fast incorrectly.
  3. If possible, cut down on foods with a lot of oil and stay away from sweets.

Whichever way you are doing it, i think the idea is to take in food gradually, keeping it healthy, while focusing on the purpose why you are doing the fast. As one quote says:

“The job of fasting is to supply the body with the ideal environment to accomplish its work of healing.”  Jopel Fuhrman, M.D.

And if i may add, healing for our physical, mental and especially, our spiritual needs…

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