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StrEATS OF DOHA Part 3: Aziziya

After a week of feasting, we are back for the third installment of our series: StrEATS OF DOHA. 

This time, we will be featuring the Street of Aziziya.


Aziziya Street

Aziziya street is one of the bustling commercial area in between Salwa Road and Al Waab Street (Villaggio area). Just as in many busy streets in Doha, it is a mix of many other businesses like barbershops, ladies salon, small offices, but mostly food establishments of different sizes and specialties.

Azizia Street

Popular Restaurants

Aziziya Street is also home to some popular restaurants. Most of them are relatively new and are changing the dining scene in this area. New interior designs are definitely very pleasing and attractive especially to the generation foodies.











New Establishments

Honestly, one of the ways we determined our target strEATS for this series is by referring back to the previous food festivals we’ve been to (Burger. Some of the new cafes and burger joints are having their physical stores somewhere and we decided to check it out… and true enough, this start-up business are choosing locations like Aziziya Street as an ideal location for their maiden stores or even branches.


It is a small takeaway joint specializing in burgers, appetizers, and mojitos. The sleek design of their shop with predominant shades of yellow and black make it eye-catching even from a distance. But hey, you should really drop by as their burgers really tastes good… they asked me to sample one!



Here’s a little hideout for good traditional Qatari food. The location can be easily missed but when you discover it, you’ll love the local feel that it will give…




A small coffee shop specializing in coffee products and coffee making equipment and accessories has recently opened in Aziziya Street. Rzees also offers a variety of local Qatari streets and souvenir items.




Azizia Street is known for their time favorite cuisines. And who could discount the popularity of the old timers in the area – reason why this this is also a favorite foodie destination even by staffs of nearby offices looking for fast and affordable Turkish cuisines.











While driving through Aziziya Street, i was also able to discover another bustling street that’s just parallel to it – Othman Bin Affan Street. While it is predominantly a fashion street for abayas and other local fashion products, there were also some food establishments that i noticed like ICY BUN, ZERO DEGREE, LE LEIMOON CAFE, PANDA COOKIES, and more. I tell you, they are all instagram-worthy places!

Since technically it is still within Al Aziziya area, this street is definitely worth a visit, too.

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