Pinoy Content Creators Meetup at Java U Al Sadd

IT’S ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIP. In the sea of so many content creators, it is hard to survive alone nor be good by being on our own. We need someone… we need others. While one may have started blogging or vlogging as a personal journal, time will come that we will immerse ourselves into the “real world” where we will constantly meet people, deal with brands or companies, and engage with our audience or readers. And always, the bottom line is building relationships.

The idea of the content creators meet-up was to gather creative minds in one place and establish a community that will encourage one another and inspire each other. While each one engage with each other on social media, “putting a face on the name” was really a challenge. Time and availability couldn’t always find a common ground.

Thanks to some generous corporate sponsors who nodded to our proposal for a small gathering of Filipino content creators. Java U Qatar welcomed us to their newly renovated shop in Al Sadd and treated us for some complimentary snacks and drinks. Fraser Suites Westbay, McDonalds Qatar, and Vision Mart each offered some giveaways to all our participants.

It was an opportunity to meet and get-to-know like-minded individuals who also enjoy the same passion. It was short… but definitely meaningful and memorable.

More importantly, it was a chance to share some of the things I’ve learned in the course of blogging. During the time when I couldn’t find someone to ask for assistance earlier on, it was good to assure everyone that help is within reach and that there’s a community that could guide each one on this journey.


  1. To Entertain
  2. To Educate
  3. To Inspire

*Nothing about Money (yet)

Purpose will not only give us direction, but it will lead us back whenever we get lost or we get tired. It will remind us why we started doing this in the first place. It will assure us to reach our goals in no time, or according to our pace.

As a content creator with growing number of followers, we couldn’t deny that we are influencing the life of our readers (their purchasing behavior and their choices on what to eat, where to go, and how to do things). That is why it is also good to remind each other on how to conduct ourselves online.


  1. Be consistent with our brand identity/purpose
  2. Be consistent with our words and actions 
  3. Be consistent with our postings/schedule

I’ve learned so many things throughout the first two years of blogging. And I am thankful to all the people I’ve met along the way who taught me things I wouldn’t have known if I was alone. And some of these lessons I’ve also learned by observing, by listening, and by reading or watching other creator’s works.


Be Kind to Others

  1. Don’t use social media as a means to ruin someone’s reputation (business or personal).
  2. Give credit to whom credit is due. Don’t copy other people’s work and post it as if it were your own.
  3. There’s no such thing as a FREE MEAL. When invited for events, repay with a quality post, an honest review, or an informative video.

Be Kind to Yourself

  1. Don’t compromise your values and convictions
  2. Don’t forget your work and your family
  3. Don’t forget to enjoy. Forget about the figures and stats. Do what you love to do and always try to improve.

And in a world full of negativity, isn’t it great to build a community that will constantly remind you that you are good, and that you can be a light to others, and that you can actually make good things happen?


The event opened up more opportunities for collaboration, support and genuine friendships. And in the traditional of what we have started a year ago, helping fellow content creators gain access to insights and technical know-how through casual information sharing  has been launched. The Season 2 of HOW TO START A BLOG will follow the same vision of offering interesting sessions within the next few months. While it will not be exclusive for bloggers this time, sessions on improving our Instagram feed, video editing, as well as level-up food and travel photography, are all in the drawing board.

Sessions will be held in assigned JAVA U stores in Doha every 3rd or 4th Friday of the month with the help of volunteer facilitators who are experts on their fields. Registration links will be available on and will be announced on BEST LIFE QATAR social media.



JAVA U QATAR – OPEN 24 Hours with branches in Al Kinana Street, Al Saad // Al Waab Street // B Square Mall, Al Thumama // Porto Arabia, The Pearl

FRASER SUITES WEST BAY – For more details, contact #: +974 4495 5000 // Email:

MC DONALDS QATAR – download the McDonalds App (available in Android and iOS) to get exciting promos, daily freebies and the BIG MAC Commemorative Coin

VISION MART – for authentic Korean and Japanese products (located at 1st Floor, Suhaim Tower corner of Hamad Signal). For more details, contact +974 7067 5184 // Website: Vision Mart products also available in Carrefour, Al-Meera, Lulu, Family Food, Spar, Mega Mart and more.


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