Chillout Time at Le Monde Cafe

Located in a laid back neighborhood on the rear side of Bin Mahmoud area is a stylish coffee shop called LE MONDE CAFE – a bit far off from the busy food strip in Al Jazeera Street. It’s a walk-in cafe since the area doesn’t have ample parking except during the evening. But aside from the common parking concerns, everything else is great about this cafe: the ambiance, the space, the food selection, the cleanliness, as well as the service and food quality.


Le Monde Cafe started its operation in November of 2016 and since then has been attracting customers looking out for a place to relax and enjoy light snacks in the company of good friends. One of their advantages is that it is open 24-hours, just perfect since it is right smack where the accommodation of Qatar Airways and Hamad Hospital employees are located.

Breakfast is prepared right at the store and served hot with your favorite coffee or tea. In cooler months, their veranda is a perfect place to just sit back and unwind. Gather your friends on a weekend and chill out in this homey ambiance with either omelette or sunny side up or french toast with mixed berries. Their breakfast options are also available all day long.


Your favorite hot drinks, milkshakes, mocktails, smoothies are also available anytime of the day. As a special treat, they are offering 50% off on all food items starting at 12 midnight everyday… this is indeed a great deal for those having a wee hour cravings!


We were invited by the Cafe Management to have an actual experience of their food and their service. And we can say we were satisfied and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this place to our readers and friends. For families, i specifically want to highlight that we don’t usually see cafes offering activities for the kids while waiting for their food. Kudos to Le Monde Cafe for this effort of providing coloring activities for the little ones.


Click here for LE MONDE CAFE location.

T: +974 44111610
M:+974 50222610
Ibn Mahmoud Street, Doha – Qatar

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