Essential Oils: New addition to your home and lifestyle

I worked in a real estate company prior to becoming an expat in Qatar. It is when i was introduced to home scents which became my benchmark since then.

You know that when selling a real estate property, there would always be a house model or a mock-up unit which serves as the viewing area for clients. Often times, while handling training for our agents before, I am always impressed by the different aroma of each model units… some fruity scent like green apple for country homes or lavender scent for the elegant villas. The soothing fragrance adds to the ambiance and probably creates a great impression to home buyers. Remember the time you may have visited a showroom and you wanted to book a condominium unit instantly?

But as we were recently gifted with an opportunity to experience a brand of essential oil, I came to understand that there’s more to it than mere aromatic benefits. It’s a global industry that’s helping people from all over the world with plantations of peppermints, lavenders and other premium botanicals. Click here for more information.


Essential oil, highly volatile substance isolated by a physical process from an odoriferous plant of a single botanical species. The oil bears the name of the plant from which it is derived; for example, rose oil or peppermint oil. Such oils were called essential because they were thought to represent the very essence of odour and flavour. –

I was even surprised that nowadays, the use of essential oils is also popular with men who have discovered a lot of amazing benefits in their life especially in the area of exercise, personal care and good eating. Check out more on this helpful article here.




When i used to think of essential oils as home scents and for aroma therapy… these products changes my perspective and set it to something that could really enhance our lifestyle.

As i want this blog to be as simple and easy to understand, let’s break it down to three:


You get the benefits of these essential oils simply by diffusing their scents using a diffuser or cotton balls.


You an also enjoy the soothing wonders of these essential oils when used on specific parts of the body like head, neck, shoulders, etc.


There’s a specific line of essential oils that can be taken internally, either with water or can be mixed with your favorite dish. Special instructions have to be followed in order to achieve the desired effectiveness.

More details on the USES OF ESSENTIAL OILS here.


This is not a sponsored post or a detailed product review. But since a friend of mine sent out a complimentary starter kit for us to use (no strings attached), I’m just trying to bring back the favor by sharing to my readers the wonderful benefits it can give based on our actual personal experience. While it took time for us to really give it a go, we’ve gone all the way after we tried it ourselves.

Our Essential Oils Insta-Series @bestlifeqatar

We also suggest that you browse several online references to get familiar with these products. You may also contact @beautyfulwarrior on instagram for more information and assistance.


A very special thanks to Fraser Suites Westbay Doha which serves as location for this fun shoot during our DAYCATION. We also posted a special feature on blog about our amazing stay, click here for the link.


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