BLQ Workshops: Build and Boost Your Instagram by Sharice Tan

We opened the second season of Best Life Qatar (BLQ) Workshops with a very interesting topic that’s really useful and practical to many.

Facilitated by a volunteer speaker – a dear friend, Ms. Sharice Tan, who specially designed a module for the session tailored to address some of the most common concerns of Instagram users – new and old alike. Starting with the basics of setting up an account to numerous ways of maintaining a visually appealing feed… all these were discussed in the Build and Boost Your Instagram Workshop.

Ms. Jacquie De Guzman of Java U Qatar, Ms. Sharice Tan – our speaker, and the organizer – Best Life Qatar



Due to the popularity of our session speaker, a lifestyle and beauty blogger who has been gaining a strong following since 2013, the first session was fully booked within an hour after we opened the registration via Event Brite.

That was really unprecedented, from an initial 15 participants, we even extended the room capacity to 20 then later to maximum of 30 persons. But even with all these, we  still received a lot of requests which prompted us to open another session for the following week.

When we opened the next registration, it was still well received that the entire 30 seating capacity was also fully booked within 24 hours!

A lot of people were really excited about this session since the topic was very popular in itself… one that is handy and helpful, and that this workshop season has also been much anticipated being pushed back few months later than its original schedule.

Trivia: There were two poster designs that was submitted by Ms. Sharice for this workshop. Two color tones which i both liked and thought of using for the event promotion later on. Not knowing that we will actually be needing two posters for two separate dates.



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Registration was fully booked after 1 hour only!



Batch 2 was immediately scheduled to accommodate overflowing participants for this workshop.




Participants were all praises to Ms. Sharice for the very informative sessions. The last two sessions conducted on two succeeding weekends at Java U Al Sadd were packed with highly enthusiastic content creators, v/bloggers, and influencers of different nationalities.

In a feature article published on, Mr. Sonkie Bagongfirs highlighted 10 of Sharice’s tips on how to organically grow your following on Instagram. Read the full article here.



We are planning to schedule at least 1 session every month. This is in line with Best Life Qatar’s continuing commitment to serve the community by providing free workshops that are helpful to the up and coming content creators in Doha. We are finalizing all the details of the video editing tutorials for October and effective writing skills by November. Updates and final schedules will be announced soon.

This year, all sessions were initially set at Java U stores. Java U Qatar is the official partner of BLQ Workshops for this season. Last year, all the four sessions were held at Figaro Coffee near Ramada Signal.


CREDITS: Special thanks to Ms. Sharice Tan for saying yes to this project and for conducting two successive sessions due to overflowing requests. Also to Ms Jacquie de Guzman of Java U (Marketing Officer of Bandary International Group) for being very supportive to us. And to all our participants for attending the sessions. You all made this workshop a huge success! 

Here are some of the vlogs created for the event (in no particular order):

3. Java U Qatar‘s official facebook page:


  1. Indeed…It is a very successful event, lots of things happen that helps me grow my Instagram as well as in my YouTube Channel. Thanks BEST LIFE QATAR for the opportunity to be part of this unforgettable event for me since I am starting my Vlogging career 🙂 Looking forward to attend more workshop such like this.
    (push lang ng push)…In this… always remember that #SmileLangBawalAngSad

  2. The workshop is amazing. Describes many useful instruction so that you can build a powerful instagram account

  3. Thank you Zeke, Sharice and Java U for hosting this event. I’m glad I was able to make it to the second session. The information was great and I loved that there were specific examples. I especially enjoyed the activity, it was a good ice breaker. Thanks again!

  4. The workshop was very informative regarding boosting and building instagram. Thank to the Team behind this workshop, I had the chance as well to meet fellow content creators that shares tips and tricks how to catch up with the recent algorithms. Once again Thank you Mr. Zeke Tunay, Ms. Sharice and Java U. Godbless

  5. I believe that it is Sharice’ personality that made her an effective influencer. I admire strong-independent woman who conquer in her field. Thank you Sharice for sharing tips on how to kill the instagram game!

    and ofcourse, thank you Best Life Qatar and Java U for putting up the best topics on board!

  6. Thank you very much Sharice Tan for sharing those tips and ideas (for Free)… To Java U team, and Best Life Qatar for their initiative… more power and looking forward to the next workshop!

  7. Thank you Ms. Sharice for sharing your knowledged to us. and special thanks to java u and mr zeke.. more power po.

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