PINOY CONTENT CREATORS MEETUP 2.0 at Fraser Suites Westbay Doha

To bring together creative minds, help each one expand their connections, and even get inspirations from other creators, are but few of the many goals of BEST LIFE QATAR’s meetup sessions. In the world where everybody knows everyone by their Instagram name, meet ups like this put “a face on the name” and build a community that will continue to inspire and encourage everyone to always bring out their best.

Two months back, Best Life Qatar hosted the first Pinoy Content Creators Meetup for this year at Java U Al Sadd. Overwhelmed by request to have a second batch to accommodate the growing community of content creators, Part 2 was organized… higher and grander than the first. It was spectacular… some didn’t see it coming… and definitely an amazing experience to meet new friends, to learn new gadgets, and enjoy that breath taking view from the hotel’s helipad.

LINK: DAY PASS at Fraser Suites Westbay Doha

This meetup edition was a bit different from the first since it was not only limited to bloggers with existing blog sites but also open to those who we felt have potentials to develop and grow in this field. We invited several individuals who have very impressive Instagram feeds who we thought should be seen by a larger audience. We also tapped several photographers who are much more capable of bringing out better food photos but only needed some motivation to create contents out of it. And there were some up and coming vloggers who are very passionate about their new found interest and once stirred up could bring out amazing stories on their channels.

All these… in our effort to change the environment few years back when we were starting to blog. It was so silent… local blogging information weren’t as open as it is now… and access to events are close to impossible. Call it payback time… but yes, we were returning the big favor that we got… and helping out the new ones find their own path.

I remember attending the first Zomato Conference and personally registering to their portal upon seeing the public invitation on social media. It was through the recommendation of a popular blogger, Ms Rachel Morris (@rachelannmorris71) that i came across this event. Without knowing anyone, I braved the crowd, approached the blogger personalities I am following on facebook and Instagram, met some Filipino bloggers, and survived the event with so much learnings and a bigger motivation. I can still clearly remember my take away from that event: “You are a brand” and “Be a voice of positivity”. These two speakers up now are still some of my favorite creators in town: Ms Kanza (@creativitywithkay) and Ms Poly (@followyoursunshine).

LINK: Zomato Blogger Conference 2016

Then, events came one after another. Until I was introduced to my first brand collaboration and everything just went crazy after that. And who would have thought that a mere passion would end up to writing informative blogs and organizing events? Just as our banner hashtag says – #Blog2Help, it still stands as a reminder of the very purpose why Best Life Qatar was created in the first place.

And so to everyone who came to the PINOY CONTENT CREATORS MEETUP 2.0, carry the torch and bring its light to the world. Be a voice of positivity as you share your passion to your audience. Lastly, be grateful for every opportunity that comes along your way and be thankful to those who helped you. Cliche as it may sound, but it’s true… sharing is caring.

Special thanks to our venue host: FRASER SUITES WESTBAY DOHA. For inquiries about their Sky Lounge located at the 35th floor of the hotel, please call +974 4495 5000.

Photos courtesy of Mr. Alex Comaya – follow him on instagram (@alexcomaya)


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