SOUQ AL WAKRA HOTEL: The Arabian Santorini

A new oasis… a sanctuary South of Doha has finally opened. Best Life Qatar calls it the Arabian Santorini.

Charmed by the fusion of traditional and modern architecture, we took a lot of shots using a test cam from Fujifilm Qatar and decided to make a photo blog that I’ve not done in a long while.

SOUQ AL WAKRA HOTEL QATAR by Tivoli was opened to the public in the middle of August 2018. Developed by the same group who brought us the nine stylish Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels, the newly opened Al Najada Hotel, and the amazing Banana Island Resort Doha.


Souq Al Wakra Hotel has North and South blocks. The south block has its main reception near the roundabout next to Al Wakra port. The north block’s reception area on the other hand may be accessed via The Shell roundabout in Al Wakra main road and Al Arouba street.

Located in clusters and accessible through the use of a golf cart, this made SOUQ AL WAKRA HOTEL unique and very interesting… like getting inside a resort community.

The guest rooms have been designed with colorful motifs reflecting the jubilant blues of the sea (North – 60 rooms) and the sandy-orangey tones of the desert (South – 41 rooms).


Through an invitation to try out their AUTUMN WEEKEND BREAKFAST BUFFET, we came in eager anticipation to marvel the beauty of this new gem ahead of the many.

The Mediterranean buffet was very satisfying and features a Qatari spread and the usual breakfast menu including bacon, sausage, hashbrown, waffle and pancake, an array of bread and pastries, salad bar, an omellete station, and different beverages.

Guest may opt to sit in the main dining hall or choose private areas or even the outdoor veranda especially during cooler season.



For rates and other inquiries, visit their website:


  1. As I see the photos here, it’s a very inviting place! It’s going to be our next weekend getaway, soon! Thanks for this blog.

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