Experience Moroccan Cuisine at Argan Restaurant in Souq Waqif

Can’t travel because of schedules or budget? Best Life Qatar will try to bring you to different destinations and let you explore the very interesting part of their culture – FOOD, without leaving Doha.

Yes! A gastronomic adventure that will take you places.

Doha, Qatar – being a multi-cultural hotspot, offers an exciting array of different cuisines from around the world. Each of these cuisines will talk more about their passion, their traditions, their people, and their lifestyle.

In this episode, we will travel to one of my dream destinations – MOROCCO. It is an African country often mistaken as part of the Middle East and is known for colorful pendant lamps, of Marrakech, of Cassablanca and of Chefchaouen – some of the most photographed places in this part of the world.

As we begin to unravel this country’s colorful lifestyle, one can’t deny that their cuisine is also one of the most interesting that you will ever find. Many say that Moroccans are known to be very friendly people and as such, expect their hospitality to welcome you with their best loved cuisines.

Argan Restaurant

Here in Doha, one can simply soak up the fragrant flavours of Morocco in the heart of Souq Waqif – a traditional Arabic market filled with spice stalls and shisha lounges.

Traverse in a maze like souk and find Al Jasra Boutique Hotel next to the Falconj Hospital and you will see award winning Moroccan restaurant called ARGAN. This beautiful restaurant evokes a Moroccan ambiance that combines aromatic flavours, vibrant colours and traditional music. That’s why an invitation for their Friday Dinner was simply irresistible.

We started with their chickpea harira soup, journeyed into their fragrantly spiced mezze (vegetable salad and potatoes are fresh and delicious), until we were toured to a long line of Moroccan specialties which include their traditional vegetable couscous with chicken stew and a variety of chicken, fish and lamb dishes. And just like any other buffet, how can we forget the desserts: their Moroccan Mohalabiya is like our Filipino version of Maja Blanca with a distinct taste of rose water.

On a Friday night, Al Sanbouk Fish Market (Al Jasra Boutique Hotel’s dhow inspired seafood restaurant) opens up to accommodate the buffet area and serves as a formal dining area. Then it extends up to the main hall of Argan which features ‘majilis’ style setting filled with brightly coloured divans and ornate lamps. This space is ideal for an after meal tea and a tête-à-tête.

Moroccan Night every Friday Al Jasra – Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel

Argan Restaurant is located at the Ground floor of Al Jasra Boutique Hotel offering Moroccan Buffet every Friday from 6pm to 10:30pm. For bookings, please call 4433 6666.

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