K.O.F.: Lets drink from the cone!

We had a quick visit to a newly opened speciality cafe owned by my friend’s boss (I hope I didn’t confuse you with that).

Just few days after their initial opening, Bro. Nino and I finally scheduled a visit and decided to bring our daughters with us for an afternoon of kiddie bonding and adult coffee sesh.

What’s the SPECIALTY of K.O.F.?

Aside from their usual blends, they have their signature coffee cone, which is a mixture of coffee and mini cookie sandwiches inside a chocolate coated cone. Here, you’ll have a coffee drink and edible chocolate cone in one!


Definitely yes! While they have a small sitting area, it is however well decorated… the touches of vintage and chic interiors are everywhere.

Their grass ceiling make for a softer feel rather than the usual plain cement or a masculine industrial finish.

They also have hand-made calligraphy frames and menu board by HISGRACEFULPEN (Nino’s wife). I know Nino and Grace for a long time now and I really honor Grace for sharing her talent on calligraphy to many people. It’s such a delight to see her works on display adding beauty to an already beautiful setup.


K.O.F. is tucked along Othman Bin Afan Street which is much more quiter than the Azizia Road that runs parallel to it. It is also home to many locals and coffee lovers. Evident to it is the growing number of speciality cafes in the area… small but beautiful shops, offering signature coffee products mostly for drive-thru customers.

And just like many establishments around the city, K.O.F doesn’t have a proper parking space but it is really very accessible… just few meters away from Al Waab Road and Khalifa Stadium.


But inspite of the parking situation, many locals on their SUVs go up to the gutter in order not to block the roadway while waiting for their takeaways. Mind you, they come in droves and cars keep coming by the minute.


We are still unsure about what K.O.F. means. But one thing’s for real… they offer a different Kind Of Feeling. With their coffee on a cone and their sexy iron chairs clad with sheepskin… it’s definitely something for the gram!

NOTE THE DEETS: on instagram

Weekdays: 10am to 11pm

Weekends: 10am to 12am

Telephone: +974 66553881

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