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SPECIAL SERIES: 19 Best Filipino Establishments in Qatar

From among the lists that we released for this series, this one is the most talked about in our community.

Others are even surprised that some of these are actually “Filipino-brands” and some got a bit confused with the terms “having an office/store” and “having an operation/assigned staff” here in Qatar.

We intentionally did not include some sales/marketing companies or organizations that are thriving here in Doha since they are so numerous. And also, others which we cannot verify, if having a mother company in the Philippines and if classified as a branch/franchise here, are not also included in this initial list.

Definitely, we will have a separate take on Filipino restaurants that are operating here in Qatar (they are too many to be squeezed to just 19).

But truth be told, it’s really good yo feel like you’re close to “home” through the products and services that these establishments are offering. Our favorite food is now available here which we can proudly share with our other expat friends. Services like real estate and remittances are made more convenient since they have assigned staff and established operations in Qatar.

Wondering which Filipino brands are already making waves in Qatar? With so much pride, we bring some Philippine companies with existing office/operations in our third installment of 19 BEST IN 2019.

19 Best Filipino Establishments in Qatar (in no particular order):

1. LBC Express Qatar

  • Nature of Company: Cargo & Freight Company
  • Office Location: Al Jazeera St, Bin Mahmoud
  • Contact Details: 0-800-100-130 (toll free number)
  • Facebook: LBC Express Inc.

2. Yellow Cab Pizza

3. Jollibee

  • Nature of Company: Fast Food Chain (Chicken, Burger, Spaghetti)
  • Stores Location: Mansoura; Bin Mahmoud; Matar Qadeem; Al Sadd; Ezdan Mall; Dar Al Salam Mall
  • Contact Details: 4444 9492 (Jollibee Delivery)
  • Facebook: Jollibee Qatar
  • Instagram: @jollibeeqa

4. Chowking

  • Nature of Company: Fast Food Chain (Chinese, Filipino Food)
  • Stores Location: Holiday Villa; Dar Al Salam Mall; Mirqab Mall
  • Contact Details: 4411 5225
  • Facebook: Chowking Qatar Official
  • Instagram: @chowkingqatar

5. Barrio Fiesta

  • Nature of Company: Fine Dining/Specialty Restaurant
  • Stores Location: Al Muthanna Complex, Salwa Road
  • Contact Details: 4490 4886
  • Facebook: Barrio Fiesta Qatar
  • Instagram: @barriofiestaqatar

6. Gerry’s Grill

  • Nature of Company: Fine Dining/Specialty Restaurant
  • Stores Location: Al Nasr; Lulu-Barwa City
  • Contact Details: 4443 8323
  • Facebook: Gerrys Grill Qatar
  • Instagram: Gerrys Grill Qatar

7. Max’s Restaurant

8. Bacolod Chicken-n-Bbq Restaurant

  • Nature of Company: Fine Dining/Specialty Restaurant
  • Stores Location: Barwa Towers Al Sadd
  • Contact Details: 5048 5566
  • Facebook: Bacolod Chicken-n-Bbq Restaurant

9. Figaro Coffee

10. Bo’s Coffee

  • Nature of Company: Specialty Coffee
  • Stores Location: Ahmed bin Ali St , Bin Omran
  • Contact Details: 4447 8888 / 4464 9276
  • Facebook: Bo’s Coffee Qatar
  • Instagram: @boscoffeeqatar

11. Vista Land International Qatar

  • Nature of Company: Real Estate Services
  • Office Location: Unit 202 Tower A, Building, 69 B Ring Rd, Doha
  • Contact Details: +974 4418 0894 / +974 6647 1990

12. Megaworld International Qatar

  • Nature of Company: Real Estate Services
  • Office Location: Al Mana Center, Al Sadd
  • Contact Details: 6629 4011

13. Filinvest International Qatar

  • Nature of Company: Real Estate Services
  • Office Location: 2nd Bin Dirham Plaza, B-Ring Road
  • Contact Details: 3088 2944

14. Natasha Qatar

  • Nature of Company: Retail
  • Office Location: Fereej Bin Mahmoud
  • Contact Details: 4498 4647

15. Banco De Oro (BDO)

  • Nature of Company: Bank / Remittance
  • Office/Station:
  • Contact Details: +974 3384 9872 (Sir John)

16. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

  • Nature of Company: Bank / Remittance
  • Office/Station: National Exchange Co WLL
  • Contact Details: +974 3323 6884 (Sir Chuck) / +974 6608 2322 (Sir Emer)

17. Philippine National Bank (PNB)

  • Nature of Company: Bank / Remittance
  • Office/Station: 1st Floor, Doha Bank D-Ring Rd.
  • Contact Details: +974 7407 4721 (Sir Mark Gonda)

18. Rizal Commercial Banking Corp (RCBC)

  • Nature of Company: Bank / Remittance
  • Office/Station: Al Mirqab Exchange
  • Contact Details: +974 6658 3079 (Sir Fred Apostol)

19. Pilipino Star Ngayon (PSN Middle East)

  • Nature of Company: Print Media / Newspaper
  • Office/Station: Dar Al-Sharq Group, D Ring Rd
  • Contact Details: 4455 7823
  • Facebook: Pilipino Star Ngayon – Middle East Edition
  • Instagram:

IN THE COVER PHOTO: A newly opened Filipino-owned cafe @littlehouseoflatte (left side) and a Philippine restaurant franchise @maxschicken (right side) located along B-Ring Road.

SIDE NOTE: The main point of this article is to inspire many OFWs (Filipino Overseas Workers) to really consider establishing homegrown businesses where they are right now (not only food). While other nationalities have proven themselves successful in running ventures like neighborhood stores (Bakala), travel agencies, spa & salon, manpower agencies, among others (which are often times managed and run by Filipino staffs), then we could also consider making it big and actually becoming an employer than staying for a long time as an employee. We will have a separate blog post about this in the coming days.

Do you know of any other Philippine-based companies who have set foot here in DOHA? For our non-Filipino readers, which of these establishments have you tried already?



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  1. Hmmm.. You have mentioned everyone that I can think of! 😅 Now what i have in mind are the small/independent Filipino owned/managed food establishments. I will reserve my comment for the future blog related to it. 😁

    1. Do they have main office in Manila? Bec this series is sort of branch/operation/franchise here in Qatar. But probably this will go well when we feature homegrown Filipino businesses in qatar soon 🙂 Keep joining mam… thanks for the insights.

    1. Unfortunately they are not Filipino owned… neither a franchise But i love the fact that they are offering hard-to-find pinoy products. But the “brand name” is not related to the original PUREGOLD in the Philippines 🙁

  2. Visited yellow cab pizza .The ambience was great…not much expensive…..they havw very different kind of sauces…for different tastes…u could give a try.

  3. Bos Coffee is excellent place to hangout with friends…I didnt know it was afilipino restaurant…..😊

  4. Yellow Cab, Jollibee and Bo’s Coffee !! Fav in my list.. I never knew Yellow Cab is Filipino establishment till this post.. Kudus to the community!

  5. Having this homegrown business around Doha is such a relief for me because I never stop craving for Filipino foods! Nothing beats Filipino cuisine! During my pregnancy, I always asked my husband to brought me food from jollibee and yellow cab.

  6. I think La Paz Batchoy is a filipino brand and it was located in Al Sadd.

    Looking forward for the opening of Bench. I saw their outlet in city center.

  7. eto dito madami akong natry 😂 may pag ka PG ako eh . i really like the
    Jollibee , Barrio Fiesta , Max and Yams and Bos coffee shop , the rest establishment di ko pa ntry and probably i will give a try ☺️

    1. hindi pla nabangit sa blog ang yams , isa din kasi sa mga gusto kong resto un sir masarap yung chicken sisig ☺️

  8. 😍 wow! this is so helpful. There’s a newly open Filipino Resto in 01Mall “Dampa Seafood Village” Thank you for sharing the info. Godbless 👍🏻

  9. I think you forgot to include Pure Gold 🙂 Love doing my grocery shopping there as there’s truly a wide selection of “true” Filipino products 🙂

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