SPECIAL SERIES: 19 Best Places for Shopping and Entertainment


Want to know our 19 Best Places for Shopping and Entertainment? Yes, this tiny, oil-rich, country has lots of these scattered all over… and is planning to open five more this year 2019!

Shoppers in Qatar are set to be spoilt with choices as many new malls will open gates over the next three years. Around nine malls are expected to open over the next three years, offering customers a wide range of shopping, dining and entertainment experiences. Read here for more reports from Peninsula Qatar

The list below might seem to be common to some… but let’s still give it a shot especially for those who want to travel and visit #Qatar. Here’s our 19 BEST PLACES FOR SHOPPING AND ENTERTAINMENT in no particular order:

1. MALL OF QATAR  @mallofqatar
2. DOHA FESTIVAL CITY @dohafestcity
3. VILLAGGIO MALL@villaggiomall
4. LAGOONA MALL @lagoonamall
5. THE GATE MALL  @thegatemall_qatar
6. CITY CENTER DOHA @citycenterdoha
8. GULF MALL @gulfmallqatar
9. EZDAN MALL @ezdanmall
10. TAWAR MALL @tawarmallofficial
11. HYATT PLAZA @hyattplaza
13. 01MALL
14. MIRQAB MALL @mirqabmall
15. AL HAZM @alhazmqa
16. ROYAL PLAZA DOHA @royalplazadoha
17. B SQUARE MALL @bsquaremallqa
18. ALKHOR MALL @alkhormall
19. EZDAN MALL AL WAKRA @ezdanmallalwakra


Here are some of the details that might be helpful when you want to visit these malls:

1. MALL OF QATAR – www.mallofqatar.com.qa/

  • 🍽  Food Court
  • 🎭  Novo Cinema
  • 🎡  Kidzmondo and Extreme Land Play Area
  • 🛒  Carrefour
  • Other highlights: Oasis Entertainment area (cover photo), beside AlRayyan Hotel Doha, Curio Collection by Hilton


2. DOHA FESTIVAL CITY – https://www.dohafestivalcity.com/

  • 🍽  North and South Food Court areas
  • 🎭  Vox Cinema
  • 🎡  Angry Birds World, Virtuocity,  Snow Dunes, Juniverse
  • 🛒  Monoprix
  • Other highlights: IKEA and Ace Hardware

3. VILLAGGIO MALL – www.villaggioqatar.com/

  • 🍽  Food Court
  • 🎭  IMAX  Cinema
  • 🎡  Gondolania Theme Park
  • 🛒 Carrefour
  • Other highlights: Ice skating rink, bowling lanes, Italian-inspired canal and architecture, beside The Torch Doha Hotel

4. LAGOONA MALL – www.lagoonamall.com/

  • 🍽  Food Court (Restaurants fronting the outdoor lagoon)
  • 🎭  Flik Cinema
  • 🎡 Not Available
  • 🛒 Carrefour
  • Other highlights: beside Mondrian Doha and Grand Hyatt Doha

5. THE GATEMALL – www.thegatemall.com/

  • 🍽 Not Available
  • 🎭 Not Available
  • 🎡 Not Available
  • 🛒 Megamart
  • Other highlights: beside Salam Stores and Wyndham Westbay Doha

6. CITY CENTER DOHA – https://www.citycenterdoha.com/

  • 🍽  East and West Food Court areas
  • 🎭  Cineco
  • 🎡  Fun Ville
  • 🛒 Carrefour
  • Other highlights: Skating rink, bowling lanes, beside Shangrila Doha, City Center Rotana Doha and Marriot Marquiz Doha

7. LANDMARK MALL – www.landmarkdoha.com/

  • 🍽  Food Court
  • 🎭  Cinemaland Landmark
  • 🎡  Circus Land
  • 🛒 Carrefour

8. GULF MALL – www.gulfmalldoha.com/

  • 🍽  Food Court
  • 🎭  Gulf Mall Cinema
  • 🎡  Go Fun
  • 🛒 Al Meera

9. EZDAN MALL – ezdanmall.qa/

  • 🍽  Food Court
  • 🎭  Not Available
  • 🎡  Fun Ville
  • 🛒 Carrefour

10. TAWAR MALL 🍽🎡🛒@tawarmallofficial

  • 🍽  Food Court
  • 🎭  Not Available
  • 🎡  Bounce Doha
  • 🛒 SPAR

11. HYATT PLAZA – www.hyattplaza.com/


  • 🍽  Food Court
  • 🎭  Not Available
  • 🎡  Jungle Zone
  • 🛒 Géant Hypermarket

12. THE MALL – themalldoha.com/

  • 🍽  Not Available
  • 🎭 Qatar Cinemas Co.
  • 🎡  Fun day
  • 🛒 Spinneys – permanently closed

13. 01MALL

  • 🍽  Food Court
  • 🎭 Novo Cinema
  • 🎡  Not Available
  • 🛒 Megamart

14. MIRQAB MALL – https://mirqabmall.com/

  • 🍽  Food Court
  • 🎭 Flik Cinema
  • 🎡  Funderdome
  • 🛒 Carrefour

15. AL HAZM –  https://www.alhazm.com/

  • 🍽  Not Available
  • 🎭 Not Available
  • 🎡  My Little World Qatar
  • 🛒 Not Available
  • Other highlights: A luxurious shopping destination with a regal European atmosphere.

16. ROYAL PLAZA DOHA – www.royalplazadoha.com/ 

  • 🍽  Food Court
  • 🎭 Royal Plaza Cinema
  • 🎡  Ray’s Reef
  • 🛒 Not Available

17. B SQUARE MALL – bsquaremall.com/

  • 🍽  Food Court
  • 🎭 Not Available
  • 🎡  Velocity World
  • 🛒 SPAR


18. ALKHOR MALL – https://alkhormall.com/

  • 🍽  Food Court
  • 🎭 Al Khor Mall Cinema
  • 🎡  Fun Ville
  • 🛒 Lulu Hypermarket

19. EZDAN MALL AL WAKRA – ezdanmall.qa/al-wakra/

  • 🍽  Food Court
  • 🎭  Not Available
  • 🎡  Fun Ville
  • 🛒 Carrefour


🍽 foodcourt
🎭 cinema
🎡 kids play/entertainment area
🛒 grocery


It’s the weekend… let’s go to the mall!

Which one you haven’t tried yet? Can you add up to the list?



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34 comments on “SPECIAL SERIES: 19 Best Places for Shopping and Entertainment”

  1. I’ve never been to Al Hazm Mall. My friends told me it was fabulous, excellent food and calm atmosphere. I will definitely visit it soon.


  2. I have never been in Alkhor Mall. This blog entry is very helpful to explore. How about Dar Al Salam Mall? I thought it will be included. It was the first mall I visited here in Qatar.


  3. I love visiting Mall of Qatar…great ambience…maintained and kept well….kidzmondo is superb…the cooking classes conducted by eataly….the food court…even though u will get tired of walking …especially with kidooz..This is the best mall in Qatar…


  4. We haven’t been to Al Hazm mall now that it’s open. Though we saw a glimpse of it’s interior during construction. We’ll visit Bsquare mall and 01Mall next time. Recently there is a newly opened 02Mall in new Salata.


    1. To be honest, i havent been there yet too… looks fancy and if ever id just probably go for a shoot and a coffee hehehe. Thank you for joining, hope you continue to watch out for our blogs in the coming days. There’s one more coming up til we wrap up this contest this week. All the best!


  5. I personally like going to Mall of Qatar. I like the ambiance & food choices available. My wife loves GULF Mall because you can get good deals in Gulf Mall for shopping. VOX Cinemas in Doha Festival City is amazing.My daughters love Gondolania Theme Park in Villagio Mall.


  6. Ezdan mall wakra as it is nearby we go it more often and majnly during sunday funday….in funville….Hazam mall is really unique experience….really royal and extraordinary with olive trees dating very old….its a gr8 place to enjoy and have a coffee….


  7. wow! Thank you so much for letting us know about these Malls that are “a must to visit “😍😁😍 Thank you for the Great info. 👍🏻😍


  8. wow! Thank you so much for letting us know about these Malls that are “a must to visit “😍😁😍 Thank you for the Great info. 👍🏻😍 We havent been in Tawar Mall & B Square Mall but we will surely visit these malls 😍❤️😍 Thank you #BestLifeQatar


  9. Villagio ! DFC is the mall i like , but would like to visit this al hazm mall , i hear some news that if you will visit this mall you should wear abaya , is it true sir ? or it was just rumors .


  10. I have visited all these malls but I like villagio mall as it’s close to my place it’s a complete package from food to leisure activities


  11. Just last night, we visited Al Hazm mall, its an outdoor mall, fully tiled, lighted with full of locals henceforth mallers and on black(abaya) and white (thobe).
    Ambiance are so inviting but food are so hefty 🙁 being surrounded by high end resto. My kids enjoyed strolling under the moon and stars (though we aint find any 😅) though we still thinking of we still intend to go back there 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Love going to malls to relax and unwind.. I’ve almost swept all these malls except for Ezdan mall Wakra.. so that will be my next itinerary if time permits .. thanks BestlifeQatar for listing all these grand malls in Doha..


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