BLQ Special: Spend Valentines Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day: Hey Dads, it’s our chance to be creative! Since it’s the gentlemen’s turn to express and impress during this time of the year, let me share to you some practical ideas on how to Spend Valentines Day in an innovative way.


  1. Surprise her with a special delivery. This 2019, Valentine’s Day falls on the last working day of the week (in the Middle East). And probably a surprise delivery to her office (or even at home) would make her smile. May that be a burger with a note, a simple flower arrangement, or anything you can order online.
  2. Don’t have that much budget? Decorate your room with balloons, buy some red roses and set the mood with candles. Who said you should always spend more? Extravagance could also be expressed in many other ways like – E.F.F.O.R.T.
  3. You still remember your first date? Was it a movie or a dinner? Wouldn’t it be fun to do it all over again? At exactly the same place?
  4. Cook for her. What your wife has been doing all these time might be something you want to learn or you want to start doing. Might also be good to surprise her with your own version of her favorite food. Or better yet, why not prepare all the ingredients and cook together?
  5. Write a letter. A lot of women find it very romantic reading personalized letters… of affirmation… of love… coming from their man. Have dinner and ask her to read it.
  6. Alone time… together (without the kids). Simply find time doing things together that you have never done for a long time, like walking or jogging in a park and prepare a simple picnic snack afterward. You could also do shopping together and buy a little something for her. Or simply have coffee on your favorite café or a new one that’s very cozy and not too noisy. A little time to talk about each other and your plans as a family would be a lot more meaningful. Nowadays, our lives are controlled by gadgets and social media… it’s time to sit down and just really talk. You’ll be surprised.
  7. Valentine’s Day is about the two of you. Start the day with a kiss and a warm hug. I know that a lot of couples are struggling with this and are already getting overfamiliar to the point of not being too expressive anymore. Start doing it… and try doing it regularly.

These are just practical tips that I could share to spend a meaningful Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. These are simple acts that you can also do as often as you can… as often as you want.

While a usual staycation must be arranged really early to reserve a hotel room at a good price, and a dinner date might need to be booked ahead as it is usually full on special occasions, thinking of alternative plans or creative ideas would be economical. However, there are other activities that you could also consider if you have some budget to spare.

  1. Go on a Night Tour with Doha Bus. There’s only one evening trip going around Doha without stopping. The trip starts at 7pm from their Souq Waqif booth area (fronting Fanar Building). Fee is 95 per person but Qatar residents with valid QID will get 50% off (BUY1-GET1 promotion). This sightseeing tour will run approximately 90-120 mins ( from Souq Waqif to The Pearl and back). DOHA BUS CONTACT NUMBER: +974 4442 2444
  2. A romantic Dinner Cruise. Go on a sight-seeing tour via National Cruise Company for QR525 per couple which includes a sunset dinner on board a traditional dhow boat ride from MIA Park to The Pearl. Trip starts at 6:30pm to 10:30pm. NATIONAL CRUISE COMPANY CONTACT NUMBER: +974 5000 8830.

Remember, Valentines Day is just a single commercial day in a year where people are encouraged to spend more to express their love. While spending once in a while is not bad at all, but in times like this, you have also to be very practical. LOVE in itself is a feeling that should be expressed all the time and shared with people you care the most… even without spending that much.

Which of the above tips do you find feasible for you? Comment down below if you have other suggestions on how to spend a meaningful Valentines Day.

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