NEW HOTEL: Vichy Célestins Spa Resort – Retaj Salwa

Since we have been going to many hotels because of blogging, and that staycation has already become an almost every weekend family activity, booking a hotel room to spend free time with the family no longer comes as a challenge nor a critical decision.

We know that no matter where we will stay, so long as these MUST HAVES are met, then we’re all good. Simply put, the hotel must have a temperature controlled pool (Jasmine’s happy place), something that’s new or popular (at least it is interesting enough to be featured in our blog), has a great breakfast, and allows late check-out, since often times, we only get to check-in at the hotel after 6pm due to work.

COVER PHOTO: Vichy Célestins Spa Resort Retaj Salwa

I’ve always been a fan of BOOKING SITES. But as I immerse myself more on many hotels, I realized that BOOKING DIRECTLY to the hotel can also save you a lot of money. Booking sites will give you hotel information and rates in a glance, thus taking out much time in checking their websites one by one. And when you get to filter your choices, you can also call the hotels directly for any on-going promotions.

On our previous post, we shared some practical tips on how to celebrate the HEARTS DAY in an economical way (link here).

I was just lucky when I called Vichy Celestins and I found out that they have an ongoing promotion that’s really very irresistible. So I booked it immediately.

ON INSTAGRAM: Grand Lobby of Vichy Célestins Spa Resort Retaj Salwa


Why I chose Vichy Celestins? First, I’ve been hearing some interesting words about it and that new things always excites me. As a blogger, we always take advantage of places and things that no other blogger has featured before. As it also possesses our MUST HAVES, I know it’s a perfect place to spend some rest and relaxation without the pressure of having to post something urgently. Most importantly, it is very economical yet it delivers our expectations.

Then I came to know that Vichy Célestins Spa Resort in Qatar is managed by Retaj Hospitality and Hotels Company in collaboration with Vichy Spa International, a popular spa and wellness experts from France.

“Vichy” is actually a city located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, central of France. The historical existence of volcanic activity in the area is the direct cause of the many thermal springs that exist in and around Vichy. The city quickly enjoyed worldwide fame, becoming the “Queen of spa towns” for its reputation on the therapeutic properties of its waters.


When you enter the elevator of Vichy Célestins Spa Resort Retaj Salwa, you will hear the sound of flowing water which instantly gives you a relaxing feeling.

This newly launched hotel (mid of 2018), which covers approximately 20 hectares, represents Qatar’s largest therapeutic tourism project, according to reports. Following the tradition of Vichy thermal medicine and the 5 keys to global health based on the “Vichy Method”, the Vichy Célestins Spa Resort Retaj Salwa has a multidisciplinary medical center, which concentrates mainly on Diabetes. (source:

We were able to visit this facility and the pristine white colored walls already exude a soothing ambiance fit for pampering and relaxation. There are several therapy rooms and a massive indoor pool. Their packages vary from ala carte (massage) services to a host of other treatments.


Vichy Célestins Spa Resort – Retaj Salwa is a 5-star hotel (total of 78 rooms and suites) which features a man-made lake, waterfalls, and a 480m long man-made river which can also be used for swimming. It has a total of 90 villas, 10 of which are 3 bedroom villas with their own private pool. The main outdoor swimming pool at the back of the hotel stands as a picturesque spot for family activities overlooking the entire resort. They also have a cafe, an all-day dining restaurant, and an event hall.

While I’m not a fan of the dark blue shades and dark wood room interiors, I could not discount the fact that it is very spacious. Best of all, it looks like almost all the rooms have a balcony. I requested for a nice view but it seems that their layout only allows king-sized beds to be fronting the main highway, and the twin beds fronting the amenities.

Their check-in counter is also interesting as their staffs are wearing blue-shaded uniforms similar to that of a flight attendant. But their space is a bit too tight that it can get a bit crowded during check-in and check-out time.

Otherwise, their bed is good, they have a smart TV which allows you to watch your favorite online series, their breakfast is awesome, the outdoor swimming pool is perfect and the overall ambiance is very relaxing.

Vichy Célestins Spa Resort – Retaj Salwa is located near Aqua Park (Exit 29 in Salwa Road approximately 20-30 minutes drive from Ramada signal). For inquiries and booking, call: +974 4428 6000.

This is not a sponsored post and all observations are based on actual personal experience.


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