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01…02…03 MALL!

The rise of malls in Qatar is very prominent with more than 20 major malls scattered all over this tiny peninsula. But we’ve discovered a particularly great concept of malls by a leading real estate company in Qatar, wherein they specifically targeted thriving communities and established smaller shopping complexes to cater to the community residents’ daily needs.

They are mostly located in the middle of residential areas, with a bold-colored facade and large numeric signage, these shopping malls feature a grocery store, a host of shops, cafes, restaurants, as well as kiddie theme parks.


01 MALL – Abu Hamour

This is the first among its chain of shopping complexes established in 2010. It is located along Wadi Al Shaheeniya Street in the silent neighborhood of Abu Hamour with prominent landmarks such as the Roqaya Preparatory for Girls Independent School, the Embassy of Nepal, and Regency Supermarket within its vicinity.

Google Map Location

Grocery Outlet: Mega Mart

Other Prominent Establishments: Novo Cinema

02 MALL – Al Khessa

Opened in the early part of 2017, 02 Mall is the second on the chain of shopping complexes which was opened inside a tiny community in Al Kheesa in the Municipality of Al Daayen. It is parallel to the Al Khor Coastal Road opposite the soon to open Lusail Stadium (the main stadium of FIFA World Cup 2022) and is best accessed via Duhail area’s Arab League Street towards Lusail Sewage Treatment Works (approximately 10 minutes from Tawar Mall area).

Google Map Location

Grocery Outlet: Family Food Center

Other Prominent Establishments: Farah Theme Park

03 MALL – New Salata

Opened in 2018, the third mall was established inside the New Salata community with Al Arabi Sports Club in its vicinity. Its strategic location favors the nearby residents who don’t have to go far for their grocery needs.

Google Map Location

Grocery Outlet: Spar

Other Prominent Establishments: Farah Theme Park (soon)


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