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BLQ WORKSHOPS: How To Start A Blog (Season 3)

The THIRD SEASON of our knowledge sharing project is now up and running. We started with our “back-to-basics campaign” both with the idea of reaching out to new content creators who have been messaging us for assistance as well as a refresher on the ultimate purpose of blogging. With more participants not being able to attend the first session in February, we are set to schedule the second batch of the same session in March before we roll-out our series of workshops in the coming quarters.

Our community initiative aims to provide a venue for up and coming content creators (bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers) for orientation and to establish a circle or group where they can draw inspiration and motivation from. While we are not creating an organization, we felt the need for venues on how to improve our craft and even an opportunity for those who want to share their insights and expertise.

Here are our previous activities in a nutshell:

2017: Best Life Qatar’s Meet, Greet, and Learn Series (Season 1)

2018: BLQ Workshops: Build and Boost Your Instagram by Sharice Tan

What started out as an invitation to speak about our journey as a blogger eventually became an annual event for Best Life Qatar. And we are bound to keep it while there would be people asking for help and guidance.



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Haveez, through their Brand Ambassador – Ms Glenda Sera, has also approached us for partnership. Haveez is one of the newest mobile discount app and they gave away a special prize to one of our lucky participant.

photos courtesy of whatsinqa


It is all about going back to basic… and answering the core question, what is the purpose of why you are blogging?


While there are a lot of bloggers out there, what sets you apart and what keeps you afloat and eager to write contents will matter in the long run. And if you are set on objectives that are temporary, you may be bound for some frustrations that could lead you to stop. But when you dig deeper into a more meaningful purpose, no amount of pressure or recognition or affirmation through numbers (likes, followers, etc) could take you away from doing what you love to do.

This Season, we have partnered with another Filipino brand in Qatar, Max’s Restaurant – a popular chain of restaurants in the Philippines which serves their popular fried chicken and other Filipino dishes. With more than 70 years in operation (since 1945), Max’s Restaurant has established over 175 branches worldwide, including two in Qatar (B-ring and Al Sadd). Participants will get to experience some of Max’s favorite desserts and familiarize themselves with this popular dining and events place.

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