CITY SPA: A new relaxation destination for busy professionals

The first two months of 2019 has been very busy for me – with family matters, with work, and even other community engagements. It’s even surprising that those groups or people whom you thought would be easier to deal with would give you added pressures and occupy your thoughts longer than you can imagine. Physical and mental stress can sometimes get the best of us.

Good thing, I do blogging to express my thoughts and divert my energy into something worthwhile. I also have a very supportive family and friends who have been there for me – not only to give me support and encouragement but also to the point of rebuking and correcting me. Wouldn’t we want those in our lives too, right?

And like pieces of a puzzle, great things would just come right on time and right when I need it the most. An invitation came from one of the fastest growing men’s wellness spa in Doha. And being one that is really fond of spas even way back in the Philippines, this came as a really big favor and privilege for me.

I was working in a real estate industry back home and my life there was very… stressful and toxic. Imagine living in a very competitive environment of Real Estate Sales where after working like a mad dog for a month, then you have to brace yourself yet another set of quota for the next. The cycle goes on and it has been my world for many years. Of course, there were also a lot of joys, triumphs, and celebrations… but those also come with pains, defeats, and frustrations. It’s short of saying, I lived in a world where only those with a brave heart can survive.

I was doing all sorts of things to destress… and that includes a frequent visit to spas all around the Metro. I have my one particular favorite – the Wesha Spa that’s just close to my home. And for less than Php900 (approximately Qr63), I get to enjoy an hour massage, a sumptuous buffet, and extensive use of their wet area (jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room). It’s really very popular among working professionals as well as Japanese and Korean expats in the Philippines.

Upon learning that there’s an almost similar place here in Qatar (less the buffet food) – a spa that’s very accessible yet with steam room, sauna, and jacuzzi is something that’s really surprising! This is not even found in a hotel yet my initial impression was that it looks very luxurious, private and clean. CITY SPA, according to their website, “is dedicated to your complete and total relaxation and indulgence, an experience will leave an impact long lasting.”

Upon entry, you will be greeted by their very accommodating front desk staff and will introduce you to their different services. While waiting, they would even serve you tea and show you their own products used for most of their spa treatments.


Since I know that I’d be blogging about the experience, I also have to ask the other facilities which can be seen from the other side of the reception area. Their wallpapers suggest a feel of royalty and the pieces of furniture are carefully selected.

The spa doesn’t only provide massage services but complete grooming and relaxation packages for men. Tired from work or exercise, needed a hair cut or a facial service? Then this is a one-stop shop that’s right for every busy gentleman in Qatar.

While this was not my first time to visit a spa here in Qatar. But what makes CITY SPA different is their added amenities that guests can use after the massage treatment. Except for the jacuzzi, all others can be used for free: shower rooms, steam room, sauna, and chill bath. You will definitely come out relaxed and refreshed.


The main massage treatment rooms are located further inside. Other rooms including the VIP sections are located on the first floor. A quick tour revealed a very impressive interior design that’s very soothing to the eyes. The lighting is just perfect, it gives you a sense of calmness. The mood music helps to put you to a relaxed mode. The rooms are just the right size, with a comfortable bed, locker for clothes and personal items, while the doors are covered by 2 layers of decorative curtains. The lights inside each cabin can even be changed depends on your preference. How cool is that?

Aside from the regular massage rooms, they also offer specialized services like Thai massage and Moroccan/Turkish bath.


The massage reminds me of the familiar reflexology techniques whenever I visit my favorite spa in the Philippines. Regular visitors of wellness spas would know when a therapist is well trained or not. And after a long time, it felt like I’ve found a place to regularly visit when stress are already preoccupying me and my physical strength is already giving me signs of fatigue.

It was so good that it has now revived my penchant for this kind of relaxation activity. The ambiance and the facilities also elevated my standard for SPAs here in Qatar. Everyone has to try CITY SPA. It’s about time to treat yourself. They even have gift vouchers that you can give as a gift to your family, friends or colleagues. They will surely like it.

Thank you CITY SPA for having me!

If you guys have inquiries or if you want to book a schedule at CITY SPA, you may call them at +974 50539539 or +974 44173089. They are open from 9am to 12mn on Sundays to Thursdays and from 2pm to 11pm on Fridays.

Please also watch out for more of our social media posts and succeeding features about CITY SPA in the coming days!


  1. Hi Zeke, Love your review. I’m going to definitely try the spa. Some spas require underwear always others give you a choice, but keep you draped all the time. What is their policy? Thank you.

  2. Hi Zeke, Really loved your review of City Spa. I’m definitely trying it. One question Does the spa require spa underwear or is there an option? Thanks.

    1. The most trusted and genuine premium men’s SPA of Doha, is a full fledged facility in regards the SPA activities of Men. Multi lingual, Multi talented therapist gives first class and professional service which has made a loyal customer base for city SPA.

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