What’s the purpose of traveling? Others say it’s to have fun, to have an experience of another place, to learn something new (culture, tradition, cuisine, etc.). And people allow themselves to even spend time and money to have all these. However, others may not have the luxury of one… or both… but is there any alternative?

Thus, the idea of staycation is now becoming more and more popular (a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions). And given the growing number of hotels and staycation destinations in Qatar, with advanced planning and resourcefulness, you can actually have an enjoyable weekend without spending so much money and travel time.

Our family loves to discover places and really prefers those that are not expensive yet has all the amenities that we enjoy using. Aside from that, we even discovered that the booking site we’re using ever since have an exciting program which we also want to share to our readers.

While I wrote a feature blog post earlier where I mentioned that booking directly to hotels can score you good deals (link here), there are many instances where booking via can give you the same or at times, lower than the hotel rates. The other advantage of the booking site is that it allows you to lock-in the rate and secure a room even a few months ahead. It even allows you to cancel at least 24-hours before the stay without a cancellation fee.

Now, they’ve introduced a new way to EARN ON YOUR FIRST STAY when you book via using my REFERRAL LINK:

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Here are some of the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about this Referral Program:

How can my friend claim the reward?

If your reward is being paid to your credit card:

Your friend needs to have a account. They have to add and register their credit card details for receiving rewards. After they return from their stay, we’ll put the cash reward on their card. If your friend doesn’t have a account, they can sign up for one with the same email address they used to book their reservation.

If your reward is being paid out in Wallet credit:

Your friend needs to have a account. The email address in their account should match the one they used to book. After they return from their stay, we’ll add the reward amount to their Wallet.

Click here to know more.


Using our existing account at, I checked on available rates and hotels in time for Mothers Day (celebrated on March 21 in the Middle East). I was prompted by a familiar structure which I also featured on my social media a few years back as one having a unique design for my “UNCOMMON” series on Instagram.

Then I checked their gallery and saw some promising photos. Being a newly opened hotel is already one of my primary reasons why I should go for it (as for bloggers… “content is life”). And without any hesitation, I immediately booked it.

Upon check-in, we were told that our room has been upgraded and they also granted my booking request for a Mother’s Day surprise: and they provided two simple platters of mini-cakes inside our very unique Deluxe Room. Surprisingly, the room was cozy and very relaxing. The room layout was very playful but it was something new and interesting.

They are still on their pre-opening stage and you can see some parts of the hotel that are still getting some finishing touches. They have a banquet area that’s ready to accommodate events (there was even a wedding being held during our stay). They also have some restaurants but only the ground floor restaurant and the lobby cafe initially serve breakfast and light refreshments. There’s also a gym and a swimming pool in the rooftop area. The pool is very promising and when maintained properly could be one of the hotel’s gems.

And since we got an upgraded room, we thought of showing what the standard room looks like. The front desk officer was gracious enough to accommodate me to take a few shots:

Indeed, you can experience the joy of traveling even without going abroad. The satisfaction of being with your family… enjoying a new environment… relaxing… pampering yourselves… or simply taking a break away from it all… even just for a day. Hotels all around Qatar can bring that same feeling without actually leaving the country.

And with, you can easily search from a list of more than 100 hotels in Qatar that suit your needs – according to your budget, location, star rating, amenities, etc. Aside from that, you can now save on your first booking and even earn later on by referring a maximum of 10 guests via this booking site for both local and international trips. DROP ME A MESSAGE if you’re interested to know more about it (

*This post contains affiliate links to products I recommend. If you register using my referral link, I may receive small incentive at no extra cost to you.

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