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In our pursuit to provide up and coming content creators a venue for knowledge sharing and support, we collaborated with another Filipino company in Qatar – Bo’s Coffee Qatar, for a special TALK SERIES this April 2019. This is also in line with the first year anniversary celebration of the coffee company’s flagship store in Qatar – the first international franchise outside of the Philippines.

The “TALK SERIES” is another creative avenue for Best Life Qatar to extend its ultimate purpose for which the blog was created – #blog2help, along with the idea of sharing the platform to other talented creators who also have the passion to impart their learnings and experiences to others.

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Marson Lomanglas (@sonkiebagongfirs) is known to be very active in the community in organizing events along with his movie reviews on his other social media channel (@no_script). He works for one of the biggest social media organizations in Qatar so its only fitting to have him talk about this subject.

Chally Yabis (@itschally) is another talented content creator who is very passionate about beauty and lifestyle. In 2018, she was Best Life Qatar’s winner in the Best Content Creator Contest in collaboration with FujifilmQatar as well as the Lifestyle Blogger of the Year Awardee from Filipiknows Choice Awards.

Jann Earl Pereira (@janneatltv) is one of the most popular Filipino Youtube content creators in Qatar. He was also a recipient of the Most Popular Youtuber Award from the recently concluded Filipiknows Choice Awards in 2018.

To register to their respective sessions, please click the following EVENT BRITE registration links (UPDATED as of April 6, 2019):


Bo’s Coffee is the largest home-grown specialty coffee store in the Philippines which was established in 1996 by Mr. Steve Benitez. In his recent visit to Qatar on April 1, 2019, he was able to meet some of the Filipino Content Creators in Qatar to share the mission and vision of the company which has grown to more than 100 stores all over the Philippines. He also shared the plans of Bo’s Coffee Qatar to add seven (7) new stores in 2 years including one in City Center mall, in several metro stations, and other locations across the country.

Invitation Poster - Meet and Greet with Mr. Steve

The company was also very grateful to have found a suitable partner in Al Majed group who shares the same values and vision (shown on the cover photo). During the short talk, we were able to pick-up many inspiring words including his own business philosophy in running Bo’s Coffee when asked about competing against other known international brands he said, “you dont have to be the biggest, you just have to be the best”. Then he encouraged everyone who are in a very competitive environment to choose their battles… “focus on where you are strong until nobody can beat you at it”, he added.

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