NADHI BURGER: Not Just About Burgers

Yes, you’ve heard it right. NADHI BURGER is not your typical burger joint that only serves burgers, fries, and soft drinks. Now, they are offering something different that you won’t see in any burger stores.

One of the articles that I read says, “the most discouraging factors that franchise owners must learn to cope with is the lack of independence, freedom, and overall creativity that comes with owning a restaurant franchise”. The advantage of being an original concept is that you can introduce something new in your menu without having to consider a franchise policy or agreement. And that’s what makes independent restaurant owners like NADHI BURGER different from the others.

On a Ramadan season where buffet invitations are coming almost everyday especially during the first two weeks, an invitation from NADHI BURGER came not only as a surprise but as a refreshing break from monotony.

Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad – 20
Beef Tacos – 20
Strawberry and Pomegranate Mojito – 10/each
Crab and Lettuce Wrap – 25
Desert Date and Chocolate Oreo Crush – 18/each
Crab Rangoon – 20
Chicken Macaroni and Cheese – 34
Chicken Sliders with fries and softdrinks – 49
Boneless Buffalo Chicken – 26
Beef Sliders with fries and softdrinks – 49

We were able to actually try their delivery service to see how efficient and fast they are. And also, we were able to visit their store in Aziziya Street and sample more of their best sellers and new innovations.


With their only physical store located in Aziziya area (in between Salwa Road and Villaggio area), proximity is one of their biggest challenges. That’s why it’s a relief to know that anyone can actually get to experience their yummy burgers and other food items through Talabat or Carriage, two of the most trusted food delivery services in Qatar.

They sent us a Majlis box (which includes 12 different burgers with fries), Seafood Alfredo, Linguine with pesto and grilled Chicken, Chicken Sisig fritters, Mango Sago, Coffee Jelly and Creme brulee for dessert. The majlis box is good for families or if you’re having a meeting or small group gathering.


Majlis Box (12 burgers of your choice plus fries – 165
Mixed Seafood Alfredo
Linguine with pesto and grilled chicken – 30
Chicken Sisig Fritters – 20
Mango Sago – 10
Coffee Jelly – 10
Creme Brulee – 15/each

Even if we have to film for few minutes, we were still able to enjoy the quality of food (watch out for our special episode on our Youtube Channel). As in other food deliveries, you may need to reheat some food (like pasta) for a few minutes to enjoy it more.


If you are staying within Aziziya/Al Waab area, you may want to try visiting their cool restaurant. They have few tables to accommodate around 20 persons at one time and they also have regular patrons ordering for takeaway.

Aziziya Street is known as one of the busiest food strips in Doha (along with Matarqadeem, AlNasr are and many others). It is also home to some of the pioneer restaurants in Qatar and birthplace to some of the unique and pioneering ventures like Nadhi Burger and other new cafes.

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Nadhi Burger has been operating for 2 years now and is constantly innovating their menu to serve a wider range of customers from the original burger concept to their new appetizers and rice meals.

SUPPORT LOCAL by patronizing Qatari owned food concepts, run and managed by talented “kabayan” chef and crews. Special thanks to Chef Mark Joseph for inviting us. Chef Mark used to work as Sous Chef in one of the premier hotels in the Philippines and the genius mind behind some of the latest innovations at Nadhi Burger.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice (as of May 2019).


Al Azizia St, Doha
3346 5060

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