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CAFES AND RESTAURANTS soon to open around Al Bidda Park

Wondering what are those white small building structures around Al Bidda park? While some of them are designated toilets – which is actually good since the park is so huge that you might need to answer the call of nature. Park goers and even those having outdoor picnic will find it very comfortable since many of these restrooms are found every few meters.

Driving past the Al Bidda bridge right off the Fire Station signal, we noticed a few commercial structures that are already opened inside the Al Bidda Park. But since its a bit far off… there’s still not much people going there. Also, there’s only one supermarket, a bicycle rental and a coffee shop that had opened as of yet.

According to the website of a leading real estate consultant in Qatar, there are available units for rent all around Al Bidda Park – specifically those near the Qatar National Theater signal. Rental rates start from 10,800 QAR / month for a 54 M² space which goes higher as the area gets bigger.



In the past, we’ve seen several food festivals in the park, especially during winter season. During summer, we expect less park goers except for those who still want to exercise and jog around while enjoying the greeneries.

Hopefully soon, there will be more shops that will open and people will come and patronize these shops to keep it running.

For now, at least we’ve managed to find the answers to what we’ve been curious about.

DID YOU KNOW THAT Al Bidda Park spans almost 200 hectares of land from Al Bidda, Al Rumaila East to Wadi Al Sail and was completely redeveloped and masterplanned to become one of Doha’s biggest public park? It has around 7 underground parking areas that can accommodate a total of 6000 cars plus a host of other attractions that a lot of us may not be aware of yet: the National Flag, a maze, an open air amphitheater, several fountain areas and childrens playground, and the “red street” that runs through Al Bida Park from the Qatar National Theater signal to the Emiri Diwan roundabout. The park will also be connected to the Metro (red line) in the Al Bidda-Al Rayyan area near Mannai Round about.

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