VICHY CELESTINS HEALTH CENTER: Your New Health and Wellness Destination in Qatar

Previously, we published a blog post about Vichy Celestins Resort – Retaj Salwa which is one of the newest destination resorts along Salwa Road on the South-western part of Qatar. In a nutshell, the resort boasts a wide range of facilities and amenities including 74 prestige rooms, 4 executive suites and 90 villas embracing a green oasis centered by 6 outdoor swimming pools connected by a 480m-long lazy river. (Link to previous post here: NEW HOTEL: Vichy Célestins Spa Resort – Retaj Salwa).

Following the resort opening in 2018, the opening of Vichy Celestins Health Center during the World Health Day on April 7th, 2019 marked the beating of the very heart of this French-Spa Resort in Qatar.

We were invited to visit the newly opened Vichy Celestins Health Center during the last week of Ramadan in May 2019 to see and experience their famous “signature” treatments. The pristine white space in the center evokes a sense of serenity and purity. The facilities are very impressive (we were told that most of them are first in Qatar), with separate areas for ladies and gentlemen. It has 45 treatment rooms, a state-of-the-art fitness club, and an indoor hydrotherapy pool.


Vichy is the “Queen of the Health center towns”, known throughout the world as a precursor in the development of thermal Health Center medicine (click here for more information).

Since one century, the Vichy company owns and manages the thermal Health Center heritage in France. Nowadays, the knowledge and experience are brought to Qatar, offering the latest techniques and findings in the Health Center industry.

Created on the basis of a pioneering concept on global health, the objective of VICHY CELESTINS HEALTH CENTER is to integrate all the new technologies related to lifestyle management through innovative and personalized cures. Thus the slogan, “Become The Actor of Your Own Health”.There are three types of cures which include a stay in the resort from three nights to three weeks: Health & Nutritional Cures (for diabetes, back and joints cure, pre/post natal cure, etc.); Well-Being Cures (sports cure, post-surgery recovery and rehabilitation, etc); and Beauty Cures (Vichy Complexion Skin Care, Expert Anti-aging care, etc).


This type of treatment optimizes and helps with stress regulation due to the anti-inflammatory properties of water.JET SHOWERStanding on one side of the shower area and holding the steel handle facing the wall, the therapists will focus the jets (water hose) on your personal problem areas and let the water works its magic. Hydrotherapy jet shower can reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis, back problems, sciatica, inflammation, restless leg syndrome, circulatory disease, and muscle cramps.


Like a jacuzzi bathtub, the effect of the minerals of Vichy thermal water combined with hydromassage jets leads to: deep muscular relation, improvement of blood and lymph circulation, strengthing of the immune system, improving the metabolism, hydrating the skin, and detoxifying the body.

I actually fell asleep during this 15-minute session.

VICHY SHOWER WITH 2 or 4 HANDS MASSAGE (the original since 1896)

This body massage under a water shower guarantees perfect relaxation. It gives the feeling of floating on water. The benefits of doing several sessions of Vichy shower are: improving the blood and lymph circulation, hydrating the skin, soothing the nervous system and calming migraine headaches, menstrual cramps, fatigues, loss of appetite and depression, enabling the body to rebalance and the muscles to relax.


Located on the first floor of the Health Center are different therapy rooms featuring hi-tech facilities and treatments including Inbody Analyzer, BodyScultptor, Redutism, Targeted Cyrotheraphy, and many others.

On the ground floor, there’s a fitness gym that’s also designed for therapy and rehabilitation, as well as for normal exercises. They offer gym membership and different fitness classes. There’s also an indoor Hydrotherapy pool and a Steam Room which can be accessed using a Day Pass (QR200).


Lastly, there’s the Skinceuticals where you can purchase skin care products and even get special facial consultation and treatments.

Nowadays, resort experiences had been redefined by special services being offered on top of the usual accommodation and food. At VICHY CELESTINS, they have the advantage of having the only service of its kind here in Qatar featuring world-renowned technology straight from France. Also, their HEALTH CENTER is a one-stop shop for many types of wellness care, therapy, and rehabilitation services.

LINK TO OUR PRODUCT TOUR VIDEO here: A Tour inside Vichy Celestins Health Center

VICHY CELESTINS HEALTH CENTEREmail: info.lsalwa@vichycelestins.qaTelephone: +974 4428 6181 / 82 / 83Salwa Road, Exit 29 (near Aqua Park)

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