Nowadays, we find it really amusing that a lot of people are getting really passionate with one particular type of drink that a hashtag was made known for  it: #milkteaislife

First, there was the American iced tea, then the Thai tea or Cha Yen, then the Indian Masala chai, and what’s becoming popular in recent years was a new addition to the iced tea family called Boba, or Bubble tea.

Invented in Taiwan, Bubble Tea is a concoction of juice, milk, tea (or herb tea) and sugar. It’s finished off with the unique addition of large, chewy, black tapioca pearls (also called ‘boba’, hence the name) which are happily sucked up through a large straw.

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This product even received much attention after MILK TEA’s popularity reached the Kpop world with the popular Korean personalities becoming their endorsers.

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Here in Qatar, it already started to become popular especially to the Instagram savvy generation as well as those who are from or have traveled to South East Asia (especially in Taiwan where it originated).

I posted on my Instagram stories a partial list of restaurants offering a wide variety of bubble tea/milk tea. And some of our readers and thrilled to add more to that list. So here are some of the spots you can visit to satisfy that bubble tea/milk tea cravings… or curiosity.

In no particular order:

HOT SHOT (@hotshotqatar) – Old Airport Road


KHAOSAN THAI RESTAURANT DOHA (@khaosan_doha) – Bin Mahmoud


LE MONDE CAFE (@le_monde_cafe) – Bin Mahmoud


KEEP CALM CAFE (@keepcalmcafeqa) – Bin Mahmoud


LITTLE HOUSE OF LATTE (@littlehouseoflatte) – Muntazah


TOFU HOUSE SECOND (@tofuhousesecond) – Mansoura


MEESH CAFE (@meeshcafeqatar) – Old Airport Road


GUANGZHOU BARBECUE (@sarah_00974669552192) – Old Airport Road


And what’s even more interesting is that it has even inspired many enterprising expats to create a home business out of it. With the mix of social media and personalized delivery system, they thrive and make a better alternative for those who are craving for these products but don’t have time to go out. With home delivery services that are becoming everyone’s convenient options for food and household stuffs, this strategy is definitely a good one.

We met KOI QATAR and they’ve been delivering some samples of their products to our home. From the time they started out few months back and even when they have new products to be launched in the market, they would send us a few to try. Call them 1 day advance for order and delivery, and enjoy this popular drinks at the comfort of your home! Whatsapp: +974 33239079 / 33580520

HOW TO MAKE A BUBBLE TEA? Recipes contain tea of some kind, flavors of milk, and sugar (optional). Toppings, known as “pearls”, such as chewy tapioca balls (also known as pearls or boba), popping boba, fruit jelly, grass jelly, agar jelly, and puddings are often added. Ice-blended versions are frozen and put into a blender, resulting in a slushy consistency.


Did we missed a restaurant / milk tea spot in Qatar? Can you add up to the list? Please let us know in the comment section.

I didn’t realized how big this industry was until the time I wrote this feature blog. Then i  came to understand through a recent report posted on, it was mentioned that the global Bubble Tea market is valued at 5.37 billion US$ in 2018 and is expected to reach 11 billion US$ by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 9.3% during 2019-2025. Indeed, #milkteaislife!



  1. Hi Mr. Zeke is it possible we can meet for our company marketing puropose. Im April of IFS We had open before bench at city center

  2. I was surprised when we visited PH and people rave about milk tea! When I was working and living in Taiwan in the late 90’s it is just a part of everyday life but it’s not that famous. Then ZAGU came to PH I remember that in my late 20’s. Now in my late 40’s, these milk teas are sort of phenomenal in the PH. Doesn’t matter if it’s expensive, Filipinos seem to crave this all the time!

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