Month: August 2019

BACK2SCHOOL: Are your kids ready?

Most schools in Qatar will reopen by the end of August 2019. Many students are already excited to meet their classmates and others are excited to see their new campus and meet new friends. Jasmine is now on her 1st grade and the thought of going to a big school excites her so much. After

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Summer Staycation 2019 – Holiday Inn x Best Life Qatar

This is the BLOG version of our SPECIAL STAYCATION FEATURE for HOLIDAY INN DOHA. And in this article, we will showcase more exciting facts about HOLIDAY INN. RELATED VIDEO: But before that, please read our first-ever feature when it opened in 2017 and see how it didn’t change that much except it just has

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FOOD PARKS IN QATAR│Summer Hangout for everyone!

Indeed, these food parks are very ideal during cooler months but customers can still enjoy these venues during Summer, too! As I’ve observed during my visit, the latter part of the night is much bearable compared to the early evenings, so even an outdoor setting is also possible. Those who have indoor/air-conditioned spaces have the advantage to accommodate dine-in customers. But interestingly, in many places especially at the Destination Box, a drive-thru system is happening. Cars are lineup in their favorite shops and staff would hand them the menu and take their orders without the customers going out of their vehicles. Kudos to all the staff who are bearing the 40 degrees heat at work!