BACK2SCHOOL: Are your kids ready?

Most schools in Qatar will reopen by the end of August 2019. Many students are already excited to meet their classmates and others are excited to see their new campus and meet new friends.

Mall wide “Back To School” Offer at Doha Festival City 

Jasmine is now on her 1st grade and the thought of going to a big school excites her so much. After the enrollment procedure, we haven’t prepared anything much for her since most of the school supplies will be provided by the school.

But more than the usual accessories, there are other important things that parents must prepare ahead of the school re-opening. Here are 5 things you need to double-check and prepare over the weekend:

1. School Bags

Others may still opt to use the previous year’s bags. Some may be waiting for the number of books and supplies to be given during the first few days. Here are some of the things to consider before buying your child’s school bag:

  1. Weight and size of the bag
  2. Comfortable and soft shoulder as well as back padding
  3. Durable Material
  4. Warranty

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2. Morning Routine

Kids can easily develop a habit. From fixing her bed, eating her breakfast, brushing her teeth, taking a bath, wearing her clothes, fixing her hair, to and wearing her shoes. These are a tedious process even grow-ups may find very tedious.

Let’s make things easily accessible to our kids by making them familiar about the location of each of the items that they will use. The key is to ensure everything is available and to keep it organized.

Photo taken from one of IKEA Qatar‘s display area


3. Organized Study Area

One of the best parts of organizing the house during the summer break is the opportunity to clean up the school supplies of our children. Aside from that we even extend the clean-up to our rooms and closets, allowing us to declutter and open up new storage areas.

Same for our kids, we have to teach them the value of organizing things. Purchase some plastic partitions and boxes to organize their school supplies, separating the regularly used items from stock items.

A very organized workspace will also inspire them to study and will teach them to be diligent and frugal.

My wife and I had been watching a lot of Youtube videos and we were inspired by this episode of MOMMY VIA AUSTRIA’s vlog. Click the link to watch the episode.

Shopping for organizers at DAISO Qatar. Watch out for our content on “DIY Organizing Your Study Area” inspired by some popular online content creators in the Philippines.


4. Kids Meal

Another struggle of many parents is the preparation of their meal boxes. A lot of us resort to buying instant, packed foods and just assemble them. But we have to take time to schedule a menu in such a way that we also love having different varieties of food for our lunch in the office.

Here are some of the key areas, parents must take into consideration when preparing for their kid’s meal:

  1. Ingredients
  2. Cooking / Preparation
  3. Storage

Saw this interesting post that could probably give you some ideas on what food to prepare to our picky eaters. Click the link: A Month of Healthy Dinner Ideas for Kids.

Dinner at Carluccio’s Qatar

5. Sleeping Pattern

And last for this series would be the sleeping pattern of our kids. Many of us should have already prepared our kids weeks in advance in order for them not to get stressed out in the morning.

Try to disconnect them from toys, electronic gadgets and or television right before dinner and set the dinner time early so they can retire to bed early too.

Parents should fight the urge to give-in to every kid’s “last one mama!” every time we ask them to go to their room to sleep.

The first day of school is expected to be extra stressful due to possible traffic jam and chaos at the school. Be sure to go out early and allow your kids to bring only the necessary items on the first few days.

Introduce them gradually to their normal school habits that are itemized above and make it an enjoyable journey for both you and your kids.

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  1. have a good time, kiddoes! i remember when my kids were young and i had to bring them to school for their first days. this is great stuff for young parents.

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