What’s Inside Nuvali?

I remember visiting Nuvali during its initial development stage in 2009, then on several occasions during our annual vacation on our way to Tagaytay, and this year 2019. Surely, the entire landscape has changed. And for the better, it has become a living city out of a barren grassland in Sta. Rosa, Laguna area.

According to its official website, NUVALI is the country’s first and largest eco-city development, built on the principles of sustainable design. A project of Ayala Land, NUVALI is a 2,290-hectare mixed-use development that straddles the cities of Sta. Rosa, Cabuyao and Calamba in Laguna.


As part of our ongoing series, here are some of the 7 THINGS TO DISCOVER #WhenInNuvali:

1. Solenad

Solenad is the commercial area of Nuvali located at the estate’s frontage along Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road. Combined together, Solenad  1, 2, and 3 offer over 400 stores bordering retail, dining, and entertainment. Lifestyle and fashion segments such as the athleisure and streetwear options are all present in the pedestrian-friendly shopping destination.


Solenad 1 – bordered by the koi pond and the man-made lake featuring various shops and restaurants

Solenad 2 – on the opposite side of Nuvali Boulevard, houses a few outlet stores, specialty shops, and other offices.

Solenad 3 / Ayala Mall Solenad – at the back of Solenad 2 is a shopping mall featuring various branded shops, popular restaurants, entertainment centers including a cinema.


Lush greeneries and open spaces surround the establishments of Solenad, offering a relaxed and leisurely shopping experience. Retail therapy at Solenad comes with the view of the sunlit sky. Intimate gatherings and quick bites become a magical feast through the view of the lake.

2. Seda Hotel

Seda Nuvali offers a fresh concept in hospitality as an urban lifestyle hotel, according to the popular booking site,


The hotel is located right off Solenad 1 close to the NUVALI TechnoHub. This hotel in Nuvali’s eco-city reflects a serene, resort-like setting with stunning views of the lake, overlooking structures that perfectly blend with natural landscapes.

Now they are on their way to opening their second tower that is expected to open by early 2020. The hotel first opened in 2014 with 150 rooms. The second tower will bring Seda Nuvali’s room count to 356 when it is completed.

3. Nuvali Activity Areas

As a veritable stomping ground for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, NUVALI offers nature amenities such as its 35-kilometer mountain bike trail, a multi-functional lake, hiking paths, a wildlife and bird sanctuary, and Camp N teambuilding and camping grounds.

Republ1c Wakepark is Nuvali’s world-class wakeboarding destination. There are different ways you can engage in this sport. Republ1c Wakepark is a cable park which means wakeboarding in Nuvali involves cables and not boats. You only need to grab onto a handle, hit the water, and the cable pulls you through the water and the obstacles.


4. Nuvali Evozone

Nestled near the lakes, parks, various retail destinations and well-planned residential enclaves of Nuvali, the Lakeside Evozone houses few office buildings designed to meet the special demands of IT and BPO companies.


5. Nuvali Communities

A range of living options for every NUVALI resident provides the freedom to enjoy the outside from the inside, and the inside from the outside; whether it’s a stroll in the park, a short walk to work, or, for that matter, working from home.

NUVALI communities are designed to provide a heightened sense of well-being – spaces for interaction, tree-lined pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, integrated bike lanes, proximity to work, recreation and retail areas – encouraging flexibility, diversity, vibrancy and healthier life.



  • RIOMONTE: Intertwining Tropical Parklands in NUVALI
  • SOLIENTO: Kindling a community flowing with life
  • ELARO: Healthy outdoor living
  • SANTIERRA: Perfect natural urban refuge
  • ABRIO: Extraordinary level of privacy, exclusivity, and security
  • MONTECITO: Extraordinary level of privacy, exclusivity, and security


  • MONDIA: Live Extraordinary
  • LUMIRA: Illuminating Everyday with Natural Encounters
  • MIRALA: Experience exclusive park-side living
  • VENARE: Live the adventure of a lifetime
  • TREVEIA: Uncompromised urban living


  • RIDGEVIEW ESTATES NUVALI: Each moment as perfect as the next
  • AVIDA PARKWAY SETTINGS: Live up! Live more!
  • AVIDA WOODHILL SETTINGS: A living experience above the ordinary awaits you
  • AVIDA SETTINGS: Enjoy the benefits of living close to mother nature without missing out on your urban essentials
  • CERISE AVIDA VILLAGE: Have more of what you’ve always dreamed of
  • HILLCREST ESTATES NUVALI: Vibrant moments rolled into one


  • AMAIA STEPS NUVALI: the first affordable mid-rise residential development in NUVALI
  • AMAIA STEPS PARKWAY : Take the right step!


6. Schools at Nuvali

Imagine your kids, as you move into your new home in Nuvali won’t have to travel far to reach their school.

Xavier School – NUVALI, in its first phase, the main grade school building and part of the Grade School gymnasium will be built. In its ultimate development, the campus will have buildings for Primary, Middle, and High School, and will include a separate library building, auditorium, administration building, and provisions for residences and dormitories.

On the other hand, Miriam College – NUVALI brings to Nuvali the same K-12 readiness enjoyed in its Quezon City campus. We offer an all-inclusive, co-educational program from Kindergarten up to Grade 12.


7. Events at Nuvali

Known for its lush and verdant surroundings as well as being a sustainable estate, Nuvali continues to attract an assortment of individuals with a penchant for chasing the great outdoors. To ensure that the entertainment needs of every individual are adequately met, the sustainable development aims to keep things refreshing in the form of Nuvali events.

The estate continues to attract individuals who are into extreme sports and adrenaline-pumping activities with its myriad of Nuvali events. One such event is the Nuvali Dirtweekend which is now on its tenth-year run after being a hit on its first year in 2008. DirtWeekend which is one of the events in Nuvali remains to be a popular event for mountain bikers.

During the Christmas season, another attraction in Nuvali is the festive light show dubbed as The Magical Field of Lights featuring hundreds to thousands of vividly colored dandelion-like stems that change color, tube lights, and light spheres that resemble magical orbs. Scattered in the expansive grass field are LED Christmas trees.

A must-experience feature in this lively, illuminated field is the 50-meter spiral light tunnel leading to the Magical Field.


Enjoy the benefits of living close to Mother Nature without missing out on your urban essentials. Know more about NUVALI by attending the QATAR ROADSHOW of Ayala Land International, Inc. on October 19, 24 and 25 at the City Center Rotana Doha.


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