HILLSONG LONDON │Live In Doha│Night of Worship 2019

We watched the HILLSONG LONDON concert on 15th November 2019, at the Asian Town Amphitheater – Doha, Qatar. It was the culmination of their 4-day Arise and Build Leaders Conference which was held at the Ezdan Palace Hotel from November 11-14, 2019.


There was a large number of people gathering together on this one-night-only worship event. For us, it was an opportunity to bring Jasmine for her first-ever concert since we wanted to make sure that we are with her as we watch something really important and beneficial for her. We let earlier events to pass by until we get the feel of the venue security. But having experienced it first hand, we could say that the venue, the organizers, and the authorities really did a great job to make us all feel safe and secured.


It wasn’t the first time that such public performances took place in Qatar. Here are some of the major Christian concert events in the past;

It is noteworthy to mention that these events were organized by a Doha-based Christian youth fellowship called – ROUTE 58:12 Composed of volunteer-residents in Qatar, this group aims “to engage the youths to grow in the Lord and be a blessing to this generation, in family, in church and in the society” (excerpt from their website: It just felt great to be able to have the freedom to express our faith in this part of the world. Respect begets respect. And with that being said, we give our sincerest respect to the leaders of this country, for embracing a culture of tolerance and inclusion amongst its people, locals or expats alike.

LINK TO OUR VLOG HERE: HILLSONG LONDON │Live In Doha│Night of Worship 2019

HILLSONG LONDON │Live In Doha│Night of Worship 2019


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