ACS International School Doha announces new five-year education strategy Empowering Qatar’s youth to become global thinkers and doers

19 November 2019, Doha, Qatar – ACS International School Doha announced a new five-year education strategy that builds on a unique educational approach to get its students ready to succeed in a complex world filled with both challenges and opportunities.

The strategy calls for a world-class education system that equips students to achieve their aspirations by becoming truly global thinkers. Driven by the rapid globalization of societies and economies, international education has evolved quickly over the last twenty years.

Today, international schools are constantly challenged to maintain values of sustainable development, rule of law, individual liberty and respect. In a highly interconnected world, where the future is uncertain, ACS’s education strategy aims to empower a new kind of globally-minded and culturally-astute citizen, able to navigate differences, appreciate diversity, and balance traditional identities with the demands of modern life.

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The announcement was made at a recent media gathering at ACS Doha, featuring keynote speakers; Dr Robert Harrison, ACS Education Strategy Director; Robert Cody, Head of School and Caroline Rennie, Deputy Head of School. The event allowed attendees to learn more about ACS’s journey in Doha and the key learning concepts it brings to the nation’s educational sector.

“ACS has taken measures to reflect on the ambitions of the Qatar National Vision 2030 in line with its Human Development pillar. Our 50-year heritage in the UK has always valued quality, internationalism and community.

“So, we are ready to carry our authentically internationally-minded education into the future. Our focus is on inspirational teaching that leads to transformational learning. We want above all else to help our students get ready—and stay ready—to be caring contributors to the social and economic prosperity of the nation, and wider world,” said Dr Robert Harrison. “We intend to challenge students’ assumptions and perspectives by engaging them with the world beyond the classroom,” he added.

Additionally, the ACS strategy introduces new career-ready education pathways for students in entrepreneurship and business, health and medical sciences, communications and media, and government and diplomacy, and creative technologies. These will be built through lasting relationships with leading educational, cultural and industry leaders in Qatar, as well as friends of ACS around the world. The pathways will inspire students to connect, explore and develop their own interests. ACS promotes personal and academic challenges through service learning, workplace experience, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Its internationally-recognized qualifications help students prepare for advanced post-secondary study and challenging careers.

 “Teaching is ever changing, complex and essential. At ACS, we recognise our globalised world is always evolving and tailor our students’ experience to make them ready for tomorrow, today. Through some of the initiatives Dr Harrison mentions, through to the delivery of the first US College Board Advanced Placement programs in an authentically international context, we strive to develop civic engagement and community service that allows our students to become effective agents of change,” said Robert Cody, Head of School.

In August 2020, ACS Doha will move to a new state-of-the-art, purpose-built campus, with open, light-filled spaces to inspire exploration, innovation and collaboration for more than 2,000 students. Like ACS’s three UK campuses near London, the new school in Doha will embody the group’s longstanding values and its consistent educational vision.

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Robert Cody added: “A key part to our ‘ready’ story is our new campus. It represents a space where students can both productively learn together and confidently chart very personalised learning journeys. By providing students with state-of-the-art technology and services, we offer them opportunities to become true global thinkers who are optimistic about the future we will build together”.

At the very heart of ACS Doha is a warm, inclusive, welcoming community. Currently home to over 900 students, aged 3 to 18, representing 70 nationalities, ACS is home to 150 expert faculty and staff from the Gulf and around the world. It’s this global outlook that informs ACS’s world-renowned curriculum, building on the very best of US, UK, European and global education standards.

ACS Doha’s next Open Morning is on 7 December.

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