Best Life Qatar: Reader’s Choice 2020

You heard it right! As part of our 2020 Vision, we are launching our first ever READER’S CHOICE for all our Kabayan followers in Qatar.

The simple idea is to come up with the BEST LIST of Filipino establishments in Qatar, this time, through the help of the Pinoy consumers themselves. In the past, we released a blog post highlighting some of these companies. Here is the link:

SPECIAL SERIES: 19 Best Filipino Establishments in Qatar

There is no denying that the community is growing every day and our demand for food and other services are also growing at a fast pace. Others are even surprised to know that some of these are actually Filipino franchise, or owned and managed by Filipinos in Qatar.

While we know that full ownership isn’t possible here as per the country’s commercial laws (much like in the Philippines, too), the fact still remains that many of these homegrown companies are brainchild and concepts by our Kabayan businessmen.

Best Life Qatar – Reader’s Choice aims to champion the entrepreneurial spirit of  Filipinos in Qatar. In the process, recognizing their efforts in upholding the quality and standard of their products and services, while encouraging more entrepreneurs to venture into the Qatar market.

This is not commissioned by any company and the votes will be collected via an online poll from our blog readers who have legitimate social media accounts. It will reflect the reader’s personal experience on their favorite products and services, which will become the basis for declaring our READER’S CHOICE. The votes will be tabulated by an independent auditing team and will be announced on the blog, too (early part of 2020).

Categories (for businesses with physical store/shop):


Doha-based franchise of any Filipino food or beverage company/operation.


Doha branch/operation (not a franchise) of a Philippine-company (airline/ticketing, courier/cargo, real estate/banking, manpower/ construction company, etc.).


Doha-based restaurant, owned and managed by a Filipino partner, not necessarily selling Filipino food/delicacies.


Doha-based business/company, owned and managed by a Filipino partner, for non-food related products or services.


Any of the above-mentioned Filipino companies with consistent, outstanding customer services (you may also share your story by sending us an email at or by sharing a recent social media post/testimony).


Any of the above-mentioned Filipino companies with consistent, outstanding social media presence/promotional activities (you may also share your story by sending us an email at or by sharing a recent social media post/testimony).


Any Doha-based, homegrown Filipino company with less than 1 year of operation.


Inspired by the Conde Nast Traveler, when they asked their readers to participate in their first-ever travel survey thirty two years ago, they’ve become one of the most anticipated and trusted sources of travel information in the world. Our vision is the same here but on a smaller scale. In addition, we also want to help these entrepreneurs find their niche in social media – an area, which most of them have not fully explored and maximized yet.

And we are not new to this, in fact, we have released several listings on the blog including a SPECIAL SERIES on 19 Best Places To Visit In Qatar; 19 Best Places to Stay under 500; 19 Best Cafe and Restaurants with a View; among others during the start of 2019. This 2020, we aim to be more relevant and inspiring by doing our part to further the cause of our KABAYAN ENTREPRENEURS.

Also this 2020, we are going to celebrate our blog’s 4th year anniversary, along with all our lessons and small accomplishments in the past. One of our goals is to be a helpful partner in the community, by becoming a reliable source of valuable information to our readers; by giving encouragement to the Filipino entrepreneurs; by providing a platform to new and aspiring content creators; and by being an effective social media partner in any occasions. Extending these services beyond other expat communities will be a daunting task but a challenge that we can consider soon.



(UPDATED as of December 17, 2019): May we encourage all KABAYAN consumers to nominate your favorite Filipino Brands in Qatar. Make sure they fall on their appropriate categories only (please read carefully). We are checking the forms one by one and we are making verifications and confirmations to ensure that our nomination/voting process will represent the true voice of our readers.

SUBMISSION OF NOMINATIONS: December 15-30, 2019 (click this link:

FINAL LIST OF NOMINEES: December 31, 2019 (

ONLINE VOTING: January 02-20, 2020 (

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