Our Second AIRBNB Stay at The Pearl Qatar | Jasmine’s 6th Birthday

I’m writing this post to encourage everyone to try using AIRBNB either in Qatar or in any place you wanna go and visit. It’s a great accommodation alternative that gives you more flexibility; space-wise most Airbnb units are big, you can also cook your food, ideal for long-stay, and at times even more affordable considering all those features.


We usually book an Airbnb in order to feel the lifestyle of a particular place. We first tried it in Japan and stayed in a building within a community of locals. This helped us get acquainted with their daily life – they love to walk going to the train station, and some even use a bicycle – an eco-friendly way to commute in Japan. Also passed by some groceries run by elderly people, as well as other friendly neighborhood restaurants and cafes. This whole experience sets it apart from the usual comforts of a hotel stay.


In Qatar, since we really wanted to feel the ambiance and the lifestyle of the Pearl area, we tried staying in one of the apartments in Porto Arabia precinct. It is the first circular-row of towers with a Marina view. The view was really fantastic and it was close to many restos and shops just downstairs.

We would have wanted to stay in Qanat Quartier the second time but the units are not available on our preferred dates. We just decided the last minute since we have other options in mind for Jasmine’s birthday celebration. And so we chose the next best alternative which is the Viva Bahriya precinct. It is the second of the two enclaves in the Pearl Qatar area with a beachfront (not a Marina view like Porto Arabia). It has a different feel… much like a resort ambiance, with beach access and a lap pool. The best thing is that it is really close to Medina Centrale so you have all the dining and entertainment options within a few steps from your Airbnb.


If you are interested to book the same place in the Pearl Area, click this link to create your own Airbnb account: and search for VIVA (they have amazing listings that you can choose from).

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