What’s in store for 2020 (and some of the highlights of 2019)

We leave 2019 with gratitude and much learnings that ever before. We look forward to a brand new year with hope for a strong decade finisher this 2020.


Last year was another milestone for BEST LIFE QATAR. Notable of our successes and accomplishments include our collaborations with major brands in and outside of Qatar (the likes of Ayala Land International, Bo’s Coffee, Radisson Blu, City Spa, Nadhi Burger, Holiday Inn-Doha, and more); the success of our knowledge-sharing initiative (BLQ Workshops in cooperation with Max’s Restaurant) for the third year with some of the participants getting a hands-on experience on actual events; and this is also the year when we started shooting video contents (May 2019 during the opening of BENCH QATAR) – inspired by our Instagram-stories as well as to maximize our social media exposure in Youtube.


As of the moment, we have lined-up our activities for the first quarter of the year in line with our #Vision2020.

JANUARY – Through a market survey in search of the BEST FILIPINO BRANDS in Qatar, we have launched an online initiative called BEST LIFE QATAR READER’S CHOICE 2020. Instead of releasing a listicle, which we usually do in the past, we thought of asking the help of our readers and in the process, provide a venue for new and small enterprises to have social media exposure.

BestBEST LIFE QATAR Reader's Choice 2020


FEBRUARY – As a continuation of our series for the Filipino Entrepreneurs, we will also be hosting a workshop for them with the purpose of sharing some insights on social media marketing. In this way, we will be able to help them create and position themselves on platforms that they have not explored before, like Instagram and Youtube. The workshops, hopefully, will include advance lessons for content creators.

MARCH – And in order to create more interactive events for the community in the future, we are planning to have a Grand Eyeball – a meetup event for all Filipino content creators in Qatar. We’re making this advance announcement so everybody can SAVE THE DATE!

Other events on the pipeline include a Bloggers United (inspired) Mini-Bazaar, and a Content Creators Camp, which may be finalized in the second half of the year.


On the cover: Our NYE Celebration at Oryx Rotana. To see more of this Festive Fairytale event, please check out our vlog. (click the video link)

Festive Fairytale at Oryx Rotana Doha

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