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10 Homegrown Filipino Restaurants in Qatar | BLQ Reader’s Choice 2020

Social media plays a vital role in most promotion activities of a young business. Here in Qatar where people are busy with work, where many only rely on social media for information and sense of connectivity… the use of these platforms is deemed not only practical yet very powerful.

Many businesses depend on the influence of social media and take this game seriously, while others, sadly, have not really taken advantage of its enormous capabilities: free promotion by reposting customers photos, easy tracking by use of “google location” and tags, social media popularity by using hashtags and online contests, among others.

This is the reason why part of the vision of BEST LIFE QATAR READER’S CHOICE 2020 is to provide a workshop for all Filipino Companies in Qatar on how they can maximize the use of social media for their businesses. The workshop series will be held on February 2020 by volunteer speakers (which will also cover the usual topics that will be helpful for other members of the blogging community like the Marketing Side of Blogging, Creating Contents for Youtube, etc.).

Best Life Qatar TALK SERIES 2020

But before we dive-in to that, we would like to continue our ongoing series by presenting the nominees for BEST HOME-GROWN RESTAURANT Category.  Unlike in other categories, we have received more nominations for the food section – proof that food is definitely one of the thriving businesses in the community. Here they are in alphabetical order.

1. Boracay Restaurant

For many Filipinos, the primary consideration in choosing a good food place is by taste and price. Boracay Restaurant has been known for it, building up a clout who would still follow them whenever they transfer their location. Their weekend buffet are especially popular for many kabayan customers looking out to end the week with feasting and meet-up with friends after a hectic work-week.

Facebook Page Logo and Cover Photo as of January 11, 2020

Boracay Restaurant Al Saddboracay4

Boracay Restaurant


2. Kabalen SA DOHA Restaurant

Here’s another Filipino restaurant that offers “Eat-all-you-can” of Authentic Filipino cuisine every day at a very affordable price (only QAR 28). Kusinang Pinoy/Kabalen SA DOHA Filipino cuisine is located in Bin Mahamud area opposite the former Beirut Restaurant. The range of food is so wide, it usually comprises of 10 main course, rice, salad, and a few desserts.

Facebook Page Logo and Cover Photo as of January 11, 2020

Kabalen sa DohaKabalen2

Kabalen sa Doha Restaurant


3. Flamin Go

In order to satisfy the cravings of their growing online customers, they finally opened a physical restaurant in May of 2019 along Salwa Road (Al Muthanna Complex). The restaurant is big enough to accommodate many of their loyal patrons anytime during their daily operation.

FlaminGO Restaurant is a fusion of taste and tradition that’s truly Filipino. And our well-loved “Pinoy kakanins” have evolved to become even more appetizing and more instagramable when served for dine-in. And since they have been known for deliveries of their popular delicacies, they still continue to cater to parties and advance orders for pickup.

@Salwa Road, Facebook Page Logo and Cover Photo as of January 11, 2020


Flamin Go


4. Fudo Restaurant

One of the fastest-growing Filipino restaurants in Qatar is Fudo. Previously known for delivering delicious and reasonably priced Japanese food, they saw great potentials when they opened their first branch in Muntazah. Now they are on their final preparations to open their second (much bigger) branch in Bin Mahmoud area.

Seeing a number of Talabat drivers lining up for their online orders is proof of a strong market not only with the Filipino community but also with other ex-pat nationals. They are one of the many examples of non-compromising food quality, which is reason enough why many of their valued customers are even willing to line up just to get a seat, especially during weekends.

Facebook Page Logo and Cover Photo as of January 11, 2020

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Fudo Restaurant


5. Hillside Restaurant

Another well-loved Filipino food place in Mansoura area is Hillside Restaurant. Known for their Bohol-native delicacies, they are also popular with their affordable VALUE MEALS served daily at very affordable prices (only QAR 15) which includes 2 viands, rice, hot soup, and water. This is ideal for many busy working professionals in the area who prefers to have meals-on-the-go.

They also have a very ingenious idea of offering monthly Board/Lunch Meals for office workers around Doha. For 6 days a week,  a packed lunch will be delivered to your office before lunch based on their daily menu. So there’s really no need to cook and hassle yourself to prepare your food for lunch.

Facebook Page Logo and Cover Photo as of January 11, 2020

Hillside 3Hillside2

Hillside Restaurant


6. Hot Bowl Restaurant

They became the talk of the town when they launched their hashtag #UnliLugawSaQatar in their first restaurant in Mansoura. When they relocated in the bustling food strip of Bin Mahmoud, their loyal customers are still with them, bringing in more followers each day! With an improved ambiance and competitive location, they’ve also expanded their menu and also offered more varieties to complement their famous unlimited congee.

Facebook Page Logo and Cover Photo as of January 11, 2020


Hotbowl Restaurant


7. Loming Barako Qatar – Lombar

The tribe-popular – LOMBAR, took their pride for their roots to heart. And it’s everything that Batangas is known for, from the native Gotong Batangas which is said to originate from the town of Lipa (beef shanks in a broth flavored with onions, ginger, and annato powder), the “Manok na Pula” – a Batanags version of fried chicken, and the use of a popular Batangas sugar – the Muscavado sugar for their Milk Tea.

Everyone who will visit their spacious restaurant will appreciate every effort and details that were put into it. Literally setting the bar for Filipino hospitality and restaurant set-up in Qatar, along with the new others who have recently opened.

Facebook Page Logo and Cover Photo as of January 11, 2020


Loming Barako Qatar – Lombar


8. Mezza Filipino Restaurants Qatar

Located at the food court area of B-SQUARE MALL in Al Thumama, Mezza Restaurant started out as a catering business in Qatar. When their first venture required a more established location – especially for dine-in customers, the owners decided to grab a bigger opportunity. They are the first Filipino restaurant to operate inside a mall in Qatar, a bold step that no one has ever done before.

Up to now, they still continue to cater food for special occasions and participate in events in promoting Filipino cuisines to the locals and other ex-pat communities in Qatar.

Facebook Page Logo and Cover Photo as of January 11, 2020


Mezza Filipino Restaurants


9. Miyah’s Lechon Manok, Qatar

The first to popularize “Manok Na Pula” in Qatar – Miyah’s is the first-born from the same owner of Lombar. Located in Najma, they occupy a modest-sized store offering the same Loming Barako from Batangas & Chicken w/ Lemon Grass. With major constructions in the Airport Road area, I also came to know about this restaurant through an engineer-friend who is also regular of Miyah’s. I noticed before that the interior is quite bold and experimental – no wonder they’ve gone all out in their new branch – LOMBAR. Also, they are open round-the-clock, 24hours, for those who working til the wee hours.

Facebook Page Logo and Cover Photo as of January 11, 2020


Miyah’s Lechon Manok, Qatar


10. Yam’s Catering & Services

One of the popular choices for party venue is YAM CATERING located inside Le Park Hotel in Al Sadd. Aside from affordable food prices, they also provide free use of function halls for birthday and other special occasions. Aside from that, they are also known to have regular buffet meals everyday and so they are also one of the ideal places for big group dinner.

Facebook Page Logo and Cover Photo as of January 11, 2020


Yam’s Catering and Services



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