Other Filipino Brands Which Should be included in the Readers’ Choice List for 2021

The first edition of BLQ Readers’ Choice ended on a high note while setting the bar for the blog’s succeeding activities. While there was no Results Night scheduled during the planning session, the response to the poll was overwhelming. And in order to set the mood for the next Readers Choice event, we had a simple announcement program and handing over of plaque of recognition to the winners (to their respective offices).

Soon, the second phase of the community support project was slated. It is the knowledge sharing workshop for all the Filipino entrepreneurs on the use of social media on their business.

But as soon as the Results Night was over, we made a few evaluations and observations on the poll that was conducted. With many Filipino businesses in Qatar, we noticed some big brands that were not able to make it on the list, either due to a low number of nominations or some were not nominated at all.

We have identified areas of improvement including a more systematic information dissemination campaign, perks on how to encourage the participation of both the brands and the public, as well as intensify the effort to bring forth the purpose of the poll: Championing the Filipino Entrepreneurs in Qatar.

QATAR TRIBUNE - Kabayan Feature of BLQ Readers Choice 2020

Aside from the 28 brands who made it to the nomination list of this year’s BLQ Readers’ Choice, here is a list of other brands who should make it to the elite list in 2021 (in no particular order – list to be updated regularly once our usual verification process is done).

19. Sari-Sari Asian Fusion Cuisine (newcomer)- FB:

18. Merceditas Cusina (newcomer)- FB:

17. Ocean Medical Center* (newcomer) – FB:

16. Figaro Coffee – FB:

15. BBQ Bacolod Chk-n BBQ House

14. Oryx MMA Sports Center* – FB:

13. Little Manila – FB:

12. Music House Qatar* – FB:

11. Fashion and Culture QA – FB:

10. Season Restaurant – FB:

9. Big Diners Restaurant – FB:

8. Pearl of Beirut – FB:

7. Filipino Institute – Qatar* – FB:

6. La Diva Salon* –

5. Doha Trendsetters* – FB:

4. La Paz Batchoy – FB:

3. Little House of Latte – FB:

2. Chowking – FB:

1. Yellow Cab Pizza – FB:


Surprisingly, there are Filipino restaurants that bear a Filipino brand name but are owned by non-Filipinos. It’s actually a good thing since they have confidence in the market and they like Filipino cuisine. But at the same time, this should motivate us to take pride in our very own.

While there might be few changes in the categories next year – to ensure a balanced playing field between small and big brands, we are hoping to accommodate more participants as well as a bigger turnout of votes from the community. Special areas that were highlighted during this year’s voting are the brand’s social media activities, customer responsiveness, restaurant/office interior, food presentation and packaging, price and special promotions on products and services, among others.

Please let us know in the comment section if there are other Filipino brands (duly registered businesses in Qatar) that we should include in this list.

Teaser: KABAYAN AWARDS this June?

As we prepare for next year, another survey poll is on the drawing board (in celebration of the Philippine Independence Day in June 2020) – this time, to honor the exceptional contributions of ordinary OFWs in the service and hospitality field where bloggers – like us – are mostly engaged on a regular basis. As we have started it with Filipino restaurants and other businesses with whom we have been working with in the past events, the possibilities of including other sectors are always there. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates through our social media channels.

IN THE COVER: The newly opened Sari Sari Asian Fusion Cuisine located at 03 Mall in Hilal area. They specialize in Filipino, Thai, and Chinese cuisine.

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