High Tides Music Festival 2020

Qatar’s first-ever Handpan, Ethnic Electronic, Tribal Folk, and Live Trance Music Festival is finally here. They will be performing LIVE at the Sheraton Backyard on the 27th of February (Thursday), from 7 PM onward, featuring globally renowned hang drum player Daniel Waples & his associate Flavio Lopez and one of India’s best bands, the Shanka Tribe.

Daniel Waples is a pioneer of the Handpan instrument and is arguably the most recognized player in his field. He travels globally to share his passion and introduce his music to new listeners. Daniel Waples has played in over 50 countries, and his music crossed over 40 million views on YouTube.

Shanka Tribe is a tribal band of nine musicians from India who creates music with elements of nature and various time signatures, mixing genres with particular inclusion of Indian music. Their music awakens the soul of the listener into seeking the higher cause of existence.

You can expect pure music and incredible vibes in harmony with our all-embracing land, Qatar, the home of cultural heritage. It is going to be a truly unprecedented experience that will reinvigorate your souls. We urge you to take a break from your everyday hustle and appreciate the rejuvenating music around you. All that you spend comes straight back to you in the form of peace and happiness.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, this event is in support of QAWS – Qatar Animal Welfare Society,’ a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitation, and rehoming of animals in Qatar.

The price is QR 100 pp.

Get your tickets here:

You can also contact in 30323430 for Direct Ticket Purchase or Questions. Only 21 + and Up.


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