The Curry House – Intercon The City |A Fusion of flavours and colours

When a reader hooked you up to their favorite places… you know that you must have done something good to deserve such a trust.

And that’s what happened when we visited THE CURRY HOUSE on the 1st floor of Intercon the City in Westbay area. The ambiance is so colorful and vibrant, thanks to the good architectural and interior design taste of the owners. It’s casual yet intricate, and it has a warm feeling that you’d just want to stay and hang out with friends or family. The server said that the colorful caricatures depict actual people that are close to the owners, making it very personal – while displaying their love for Indian culture and cuisine.

One of the online comments said, ‘The Curry House is a blend of Indian spirit and traditional spices in the new way no one imagined before. It’s (an) amazing combination (of) modern Indian food and unique cocktails and mocktails.’

And it was actually true. While others would just settle for their own comfort food, we had the privilege and opportunity of trying “unconventional” food – best described as spicy, rich, and flavourful – and that’s the Indian food that we are starting to love and appreciate as time goes by.


Under the direct supervision of Head Chef, Pradeep Jurgan, the traditional Indian cuisines are carefully prepared with a modern twist that’s palatable to a wider set of food lovers.


While THE CURRY HOUSE is on the mid-range in terms of price, both taste and ambiance complemented well to give their customers a great experience.


Address: Al Wehda St, Doha
Hours: Opens 12:30PM
Phone: 3114 6455

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