Are Filipino Entrepreneurs in Qatar ready to take on INSTAGRAM MARKETING?

February 21 | Max’s Restaurant: We had a successful first run of our TALK SERIES this year 2020 with Filipino businessmen in Qatar as our target audience. The attendees include aspiring entrepreneurs and some of the nominees and winners of the recently concluded Best Life Qatar Readers Choice 2020.

In our continuing effort to partner with the community, the TALK SERIES aims to provide a venue for Filipino entrepreneurs to learn more about how to maximize the use of social media in their businesses.

Talk Series for Filipino Entrepreneurs

With special guest speaker from Tivoli Hotels, Ms. Anna Lee Vergara presented a well-researched report on social media impact and user behaviors esp with Filipinos. Then it was followed with content guidelines and strategies, social media advertising, and social media tools.

with our guest speaker from TIVOLI HOTELS, Ms Anna Lee Vergara

It was a full-packed discussion that the participants are already asking for PART2 from the speaker.

Are they ready to take on INSTAGRAM MARKETING?

It was a big revelation to us that many of the Filipino entrepreneurs are yet to fully maximize the use of social media for their businesses.

Being online is one thing, but being social and responsive takes more work than one could ever imagine. In Qatar, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, SNAPCHAT and probably TIKTOK are some of the popular social media platforms today. Each one has its own unique audience and in marketing your business, the idea is to reach as much audience as you can… or at least, you go where your target market is. And with that being said, Instagram will also expose you to other nationalities like the locals and other non-Filipino ex-pats taking your products and services to a new market other than Filipinos.

With photo-sharing apps enjoying an exponential growth especially in this social media savvy generation, the term “instagrammable” especially for sectors travel, fashion, beauty, and food is something any businessmen should seriously consider.

Aside from the flexibility to share posts from Instagram to your Facebook page, there are more benefits and convenience that it gives the users especially with analytics (to know how effective your posts are).

The talk series hopefully gave them a teaser of the bigger world of social media that each businessman can take advantage of. As a FREE platform for marketing, it is an opportunity for everyone to get their products and services online and reach as much audience as they can… with just a click of a finger!

In the coming days, we will see who will take on the challenge.

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