BLESSING IN DISGUISE: A Positive Lifestyle Change

If there are good things that came out from a bad situation that we are having right nowthese are changes in our habits and the way we do things. Aside from knowing that COVID-19 has a low fatality rate and big recovery rate globally there are some positive news that this global pandemic has given us.


With the widely suggested SOCIAL DISTANCING, people had become conscious and aware of their possible effect on other people – not only on how they will get infected by the virus, personally. This is one of the mindsets that many had been espousing, with more experts suggesting people to “act as if they’ve already got the virus. This is one act of kindness that has inspired thousands of others to be mindful of others, being careful of how they act and think, and in the process – protecting themselves, too.

Aside from this, we heard of companies giving special privileges to their employees, companies waiving rentals, fees and even providing condonation programs on payments to their customers in light of the current situation. We see good people stepping up in generosity in crucial times such as this.



Some companies have allowed their employees to work remotely in order not to get their operations affected. This is one of the methods adopted by many that is not only proven safe but also very effective in minimizing the potential virus exposure of their employees – from commuting to and from work, or while dealing with inflow of customers and co-employees.


While working at home, some may also find available resources such as ZOOM APP for video conferencing as an alternative for personal meetings. This and other similar applications are also helpful for those who are providing webinars and online courses that will no longer require personal attendance and meetups. Even friends can still get connected using these apps without leaving their homes. Lately, with the suspension of classes, some of the schools are also using this for consultations with parents.

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Related to working at home and with some companies temporarily closing down its operation to avoid further spreading of the virus, families will find more time together: doing household chores, doing some bonding activities, or catching up with each other – things that we couldn’t find time doing in the normal course of time.

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Eating a balanced diet, taking vitamins and supplements, doing some exercises… many tend to become health conscious all of a sudden.  With CORONA virus targetting the old and those with weak immune systems, we really have to do our part to make sure that we are strong enough against any forms of sickness.


Some are even quick to believe in the healing effects or the benefits of eating bananas. Others even sharing their fancy for essential oils for its natural air cleansing and other natural benefits.



Who would have thought that the dawning of the century will be teaching us to wash our hands properly? Back in the late 2000, the W.orld health organization (WHO) implemented some Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care which was eventually published on a Summary World Health Organization in 2009.

Healthcare-associated infections affect hundreds of millions of patients worldwide every year. Infections lead to more serious illness, prolong hospital stays, induce long-term disabilities, add high costs to patients and their families, contribute to a massive, additional financial burden on the health-care system and, critically, often result in tragic loss of life.

– Foreword, WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care: a Summary

Recommendations were formulated based on the evidence described in the various sections of the Guidelines and expert consensus. And part of this is the Hand Hygiene Technique with Soap and Water (shown in the below table).


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