6 Most Popular Apps During Covid-19 Pandemic

This period of our lives will be forever written in history as one of the most challenging times ever faced by mankind. The world stood still as governments and medical experts battle it out with a pandemic we now call COVID-19 / Corona Virus. More than wars using firearms or other deadly weapons, or natural calamities that brought havoc in infrastructure and poeples lives – this war is one involving a microscopic virus that spreads so fast and have killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

That’s how we try to put up our situation in words. Even some of the popular phrases/words during this time are related to this pandemic: corona virus, quarantine, social distancing, flatten the curve, stay at home, work at home, isolation, etc. Few even came up with fun ways to play with words like quaranthoughts, quarantune, and more.

But being stuck inside our homes, which of course limits our exposure to the virus, also restricts our activities within the four walls of our rooms. And to keep our sanity in tact, we turn to some apps which became part of our daily lives during this time of pandemic.



Many of us rely on this video conferencing app in lieu of personal meetings. Since social distancing and public gatherings are banned to limit the spread of the virus, most offices, schools, and organizations are using this app to ensure business continuity.

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When boredom strikes, people turn to this popular video sharing app to make funny contents, record short clips and dance covers, and share it on the social media platform. Just like Instagram and Facebook, Tik Tok capitalizes on the popularity of the video (thru likes and views). Some said, uploading videos on Tiktok releases them from stressful thoughts and also allowed them to show their talent for dancing, dubbing, or acting, through this app. While parents are raising concerns on this app: like the use of inappropriate languages and sexiness, their popularity reached its peak during this time since its initial launch in 2016.

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With more time at home, one of the best activity to do alone or with other family members is to watch movies. With more time to spare, people can even stay longer time to binge watch special series on Netflix. Some of the popular series as of press time include: Money Heist (Spain), Kingdom 2 (S.Korea), Itaewon Class (S.Korea), and many more.

While Netflix is not an app, we included it on the list as one of the popular streaming services during this time. Netflix allows its members to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-connected devices. With Netflix, you can enjoy unlimited ad-free viewing of our content.

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With similar effect like that of Netflix, people turn to YouTube during this time of isolation. We travel the world by watching travel vlogs and documentaries, we learn to cook simple meals to MasterChe-style dishes by watching cooking videos, we follow exercise videos on YouTube, we learn to fix and organize something by watching videos, and we even spend time watching the daily vlogs of our favourite vloggers. Moreover, we can even watch the latest news and updates using live streaming on YouTube. Indeed, most of our daily lives revolve around longer screen time.

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And with the closure of many food establishments everywhere, people also turn to different delivery companies for much needed services. Many of these apps are downloaded everyday as demand increases. Being one of the fastest growing business during these times, people download these mobile application apps thru Google play (Android) or Apps store (Apple) for online shopping and home deliveries.

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It is our national and civic duty to adhere to preventive measures by the government to control the spread of Covid 19 . When given an opprtunity to stay at home, let’s maximize our free time, enjoy the moment with family, and take time to learn new things and develop new skills.

What other apps/services have gained popularity in light of our current situation? Please comment below and engage in our discussion.




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