Online Delivery Services in Qatar | Part 2 – New Updates

Earlier during the start of the pandemic in Qatar, we released a blog post featuring the first batch of Food Delivery Services in Qatar including TALABAT, CARRIAGE, FINGERTIPS, WISHBOX, RAFEEQ.

Link to the blog – Part1: Online Food Delivery Services in Qatar: Working double-time to meet the demands

We are now going to update the list by adding new food and grocery delivery services that are now available in Qatar:




Experience convenience. Browse and order groceries, fresh Seafood & meat online through Baqaala grocery delivery App and get groceries delivered to your door. No more getting stuck in traffic or waiting in long billing queue. 

Choose your store for daily groceries, varieties of fresh fish, or meat store in Doha Qatar. Browse and shop from a range of sorted out grocery category options: Fresh foods, Vegetables, Fruits, Fresh Meat, Fresh Seafood, frozen foods, rice, pasta & noodles, dairy products. Now sit back and do what you love to do while we deliver your order in Doha Qatar.





CarryBee online grocery store for Qatar, where you can choose products and we deliver it to your doorstep within short time. CarryBee has a wide variety of grocery products from fruits, vegetables, rice and grains, dairy products, bakery items, beauty products, baby care items, beverages, cleaning and household products and all.






Order all the needs of your home from the grocery store through the Mr. Delivery app and it will be delivered to your doorsteps.




Delivery and personal concierge services in Qatar specializing in Food delivery, Grocery shopping and delivery, Document delivery, Delivery services for home-based businesses, Household shopping and delivery, Parcels, flowers and gift delivery in Qatar, and Personal errands service






A combination of good service and the best quality, and with a user-friendly application that offers a variety of food and different cuisines, as well as order tracking and status, Trackoo ensures a complete experience from the moment of placing the order, until taking the final bite of your meal!




While many restaurants are also having their own delivery service, the above list can also be a useful partner in terms of options and possibly, special promotions (including free delivery charges, and more). And also, many on this list are new, users are encouraged to check the merchants, inventory/product availability, and delivery timings, before proceeding with the payment.


About the cover photo:

I tried ordering from SNOONU a while back since they are the only service available to deliver our cravings (around last week of March 2020) – arroz caldo (unli lugaw) from Hot Bowl Restaurant.

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