7 Popular Japanese CONBINI Snacks | Must-Try Subscription Boxes

Call it a fascination for Japanese food, especially for Japanese “conbini” snacks – since just like many others, I love the idea of bringing home goodies every time I travel. And I would be lying if I will not admit getting frustrations from our supposed annual vacation to the Land of the Rising Sun. But as the excitement and anticipation continue to build up, I ended up writing more about things related to the “supposed” travel.

So there you have a backgrounder of our series about the unique BAKALA STORES in Qatar inspired by the popular CONBINI STORES in Japan. Who knows, a food crawl – oopps, social distancing are still in effect, and restaurants are still closed here, but more Japan-themed contents might be on the way in the coming days.

Here are the 7 popular Japanese snack boxes that you should try very soon! This way, you will have a taste of Japan delivered straight to your doorsteps every month.


Click HERE to get US$10 discount on your BOKKSU subscription box today! 

I came across BOKKSU for the first time while watching the vlog of PAOLO FROM TOKYO. He featured this and I got instantly interested in this concept. Not only that they feature different themes every month, they also support local manufacturers all over Japan.

Bokksu is the only Japanese snack box that partners with 100+ year old family makers to deliver Japan-exclusive snacks, candies, and teas to your door! In Japanese language, BOX is pronounced BOK-SU.


Each box ships from Japan and comes with:

  • 20-25 (Classic) or 10-14 (Tasting) Japanese snacks, candies, and a tea pairing curated around a fun cultural theme
  • 16+ Page Culture Guide Magazine that details each product’s origin, flavors, and even common allergens
  • Auto-renew with the option to pause or cancel anytime
  • Free shipping worldwide from Japan

12-MONTH Subscription – $36.99/BOX

6-MONTH Subscription – $38.99/BOX

3-MONTH Subscription – $39.99/BOX

Please note that delivery times may take longer than usual and that BOKKSU have continued shipping to the following countries:

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Jersey, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Myanmar, Netherlands, Philippines, Qatar, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, UK, Vietnam. Special Note for US below.

It is our delight to introduce you to the world of Japanese snacks through our snack subscription box service, where every month you receive a completely new assortment of delicious treats that take you to new worlds of flavor.




Click HERE to get your Japan Crate subscription box today! 

Lately also, I noticed that a lot of Japan-based Youtubers are featuring this Japanese snack box on their channels. It’s amazing to see businesses trying to flourish and remain resilient amidst the ongoing global crisis.

Japan Crate offers the unique experience of Japan through monthly crates filled with candy, kawaii, noodles, or beauty. Pick your crate and get ready to explore Japan.




– 18-20 full-size candy & snacks
– Japan-exclusive drink
– Monthly bonus item (from a bag of Japanese Kit Kats to collectibles)
– Manga-zine featuring translations, fun facts & more



Bring more cuteness to your month with a crate full of kawaii goodies you can use everyday, plus plushies, exclusive wearables, household items, and more.



– 8-10 Quality Noodles
– Culinary Bonus Item
– Exclusive Recipe Card
– Guide with translations & instructions




Click HERE to get your Tokyo Treat subscription box today! 

Tokyo Treat’s desire is to spread the love for Japanese candy & Japanese soda all over the world! To do so, they carefully craft and curate their Japanese subscription boxes to make sure that those who receive their Japan box feel happier every time they treat themselves to a snack! Let every bite express the quality of each Japanese snacks, providing a new experience that widen one’s view of the Japanese snack world! So, get ready to discover Japanese snacks through limited-time and seasonal snacks that will shock your senses!

Tokyo Treat also offers tons of surprises every month as your box will power up! You’ll receive awesome rewards like JapanHaul Points, lifetime discounts, and even exclusive items. How awesome is that?!

Tokyo Treat



17 Full-size items including:
5 Popular Japanese snacks
1 Party pack
3 Dagashi
1 Anime snack
1 DIY Japanese candy kit
1 Japanese drink (180~500ml)
1 Japanese candy guide book



12 Full-size items including:
4 Popular Japanese snacks
2 Dagashi
1 DIY Japanese candy kit
1 Japanese candy guide book




Click HERE to get your Japan Candy Box subscription box today! 

Japan Candy Box is passionate to spread the love for fun Japanese candy & snacks all over the world! Being totally in love with everything Japanese, and snacks are a big part of the authentic Japan experience. To bring that experience to all the customers, Japan Candy Box carefully handpicks the most popular candy & snacks that Japanese people actually eat, and curate them into an exciting monthly box that everybody will surely love! Discover Japan through seasonal snacks, limited edition Japanese candy and flavors that are not available anywhere else. Directly from Tokyo to your door!

japan Candy Box 2

Each Japan Candy Box is carefully curated to include the most popular Japanese snacks that everyone will surely love. Each box includes brands like Pocky, Hi-Chew, Pretz, Jagabee inside your snack box! Below you’ll find some other great Japanese candy examples.




Click HERE to get your Kawaii Box subscription box today! 

One of the main difference of Kawaii Box among the many snack boxes in Japan is that it also includes non-food cute items.

Spreading kawaii culture and the love for cute things all over the world, is the very core of Kawaii Box. Kawaii is a Japanese term which means “cute”, and the creator of Kawaai Box believes that even a tiny dose of cuteness can provide a huge boost of positivity to our life. To bring that happiness to their customers, the cutest kawaii things are carefully handpicked and curate into an exciting monthly box that everyone will surely love!

kawaii Box2

Kawaii-fy your life with exclusive items like kawaii squishies, kawaii stationery and super cute plushies. Directly from Tokyo to your door!

100% Super Cute & Kawaii

Your kawaii subscription box is filled with thoughtfully curated super cute things from Japan.

Free Shipping Worldwide

The shipping is always FREE to any country in the world! Your first box will be sent immediately.

Guaranteed Happiness

These cute things from Japan are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Month after month!






Click HERE to get your Wow Box subscription box today! 

WOWBOX aims to bring the unique flavors of Japan to the world. We love the snacks available across the country, from treats lining convenience store shelves to artisanal items only found in specific regions. WOWBOX provides cultural experiences curated by alternative thinkers who have a passion for the tastes hailing from this island. We want to share the many flavors of Japan with you, wherever you may be.


Original Box

Get your yummy July Original Box! We curate a mix of treats ranging from buzzed-about convenience store sweets to regional creations wowing your tastebuds.

Size M: 10 full size seasonal snacks snacks / Size L: 12 seasonal snacks Included (images reflects the kind of snacks you will find inside the box).

FREE Standard Shipping + Tracking Number

Auto-renewal plan

Approximate arrival time: 3-4 weeks depending on the destination & UPU (Universal Postal Union) safety regulations. View FAQ for more details.





Click HERE to get your Snakku subscription box today! 

Snakku was founded by Shigeki, who was born in Tokyo and moved to NYC at an early age. But every time he went back to Japan, he brought back tons of tasty treats for his friends. They all loved the snacks and asked where they could get more!

Unfortunately, these delicious snacks were only available in Japan. So Shigeki thought, why can’t we get these tasty Japanese snacks anywhere else? And so, Snakku was born with the hopes of bringing the best of Japan straight to you.

Discover Japan through snacks!

Snakku Traditional Japanese Snacks

Snakku Tasting Box



Your box comes with:

  • 20-25 expertly curated seasonal snacks
  • Wrapped in reusable washi furoshiki
  • Automatically renews every month
  • 3x the amount of snacks in the Tasting Box
  • FREE Shipping Worldwide





Click the links that will direct you to their subscription page. Some of these links contain special discounts and promo codes especially given to our readers so please take advantage of it. Share to us your photos in case you are able to purchase your own box.

In light of the current situation, delivery time may take longer than usual, around 2-4 weeks upon placing your order. Checkout the individual websites for faster options (check FAST TRACK DELIVERY if available) and see if fees are different. Otherwise, it is usually FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world.

If you are subscribing for longer period, say 3-12 months, you are expected to receive different sets of snacks every month, depending on their theme and ongoing promotions.

Japan Subscription Box

This post contains affiliate links which means that I will make a small commission if you purchase a product after clicking on any of them, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support. 

AND IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN OUR QATAR CONBINI SNACKS 1-minute video inspired by these Japanese Snack Boxes, please click this link to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Enjoy!


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