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How To Support Small Businesses in Qatar | Fathers Day 2020 Giveaway

It is the most trying times for all us, probably worst than any political conflicts or other forms of natural calamities that are only affecting a particular area. But with this COVID-19 pandemic, IMF projections suggest that the Great Lockdown brought about by his deadly virus will be the most severe global economic downturn since the Great Depression, and that it will be “far worse” than the Great Recession of 2009. It has caused severe repercussions for economies across the world (wiki).

And because of this, many workers are getting affected everywhere. Some are not paid full, some are asked to go on leave without pay, others are yet to receive their salaries, and worst – many are laid off from work. Though there were those who are lucky who are still paid in full even while working at home.

But many expats including Filipinos are not going to bow down to these kinds of challenges and will always find ways to survive. One of them is taking advantage of their skills to earn extra income. While a lot of us are held at home because of this pandemic, we relied on food deliveries, so there you have the home businesses to the rescue.

We’ve seen trending hashtags on the internet and social media to show support for these thriving industries. And here’s how we can really support them:


More followers, more subscribers will mean more people seeing their posts. The more often you see their new postings, the greater the chance for you to know what and when to schedule a delivery… and probably recommend it to others.


At the end of the day, it’s still business. While I’m sure that all the other kinds of support will be much appreciated but shelling off few riyals to have a taste of their product will be much more meaningful. Any chef or cook’s main joy is to see their satisfied customers enjoying their masterpiece.


As they say, the word of mouth is the most inexpensive yet very effective marketing tool. In social media, spread the news is very helpful. Leaving an objective review or recommendation on their social media is also a good reference both for readers and for the business owners for improvement or encouragement.

Below are some of the small businesses in Qatar that I came across during this campaign. Businesses with unique stories to tell (if you love reading captions) and amazing products to sell. I was just happy to realize that each one is unique and if there’s any slight similarity in some items, you can still find something special.


1. Jocelyn Apostol (Ninang Joy)


2. Yam GoodFood (Daddy Yam’s)


3. Reytseflan Doha


4. The House Kitchen by Tawina


5. Sweet Infusion Qatar


6. Belly Chow Qatar


7. Sugar Rush by Kitchen Delights


8. CK Siomai Qatar (Hinam-Is 24/7)


7. Souq De Mamshie


8. Adielicioussss


9. Qtart


10. Baked Sweets Doha


11. Finn’s Qatar


12.Panadeya Qatar


13.Haven Reyes



You still have few more days to join our giveaway special which is a collaboration between Jollibee Qatar and Best Life Qatar. In honor of great fathers everywhere, we wanted to saturate our feed with all the inspiring and encouraging messages.

Fourteen beautiful stories will be randomly selected to win a BUCKET FAMILY COMBO from Jollibee Qatar and may be featured in our contents soon.

June 21 is FATHER’S DAY and we want to give our salute to all the heroes of our families. A HAPPY FATHER’S DAY greetings from #qatardaddyblogger!

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