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How To Support Small Businesses in Qatar | Fathers Day 2020 Giveaway

It is the most trying times for all us, probably worst than any political conflicts or other forms of natural calamities that are only affecting a particular area. But with this COVID-19 pandemic, IMF projections suggest that the Great Lockdown brought about by his deadly virus will be the most severe global economic downturn since the Great Depression, and that it will be “far worse” than the Great Recession of 2009. It has caused severe repercussions for economies across the world (wiki).

And because of this, many workers are getting affected everywhere. Some are not paid full, some are asked to go on leave without pay, others are yet to receive their salaries, and worst – many are laid off from work. Though there were those who are lucky who are still paid in full even while working at home.

But many expats including Filipinos are not going to bow down to these kinds of challenges and will always find ways to survive. One of them is taking advantage of their skills to earn extra income. While a lot of us are held at home because of this pandemic, we relied on food deliveries, so there you have the home businesses to the rescue.

We’ve seen trending hashtags on the internet and social media to show support for these thriving industries. And here’s how we can really support them:


More followers, more subscribers will mean more people seeing their posts. The more often you see their new postings, the greater the chance for you to know what and when to schedule a delivery… and probably recommend it to others.


At the end of the day, it’s still business. While I’m sure that all the other kinds of support will be much appreciated but shelling off few riyals to have a taste of their product will be much more meaningful. Any chef or cook’s main joy is to see their satisfied customers enjoying their masterpiece.


As they say, the word of mouth is the most inexpensive yet very effective marketing tool. In social media, spread the news is very helpful. Leaving an objective review or recommendation on their social media is also a good reference both for readers and for the business owners for improvement or encouragement.

Below are some of the small businesses in Qatar that I came across during this campaign. Businesses with unique stories to tell (if you love reading captions) and amazing products to sell. I was just happy to realize that each one is unique and if there’s any slight similarity in some items, you can still find something special.


1. Jocelyn Apostol (Ninang Joy)

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HOME BAKED GOODIES ARE REALLY DELICIOUS. Supporting our friends' online businesses, buying their products, sharing and reposting it on social media, is a big help to them. Especially those whose jobs and income are affected by this pandemic, those who want to earn extra for their families, or those who want to share their cooking skills to others… they all need our support. A BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL OUR ENTREPRENEUR FRIENDS esp during this challenging times. *If you have a small business here in Qatar, please tag us or DM us a photo and description. #supporthomebusinessesinQatar #homebusiness #qatarbusiness #homebaking #homecooking #homebusinessinqatar #entrepreneurs #businessminded #smallbusiness #qatardaddyblogger #qatarpinoyblogger #BestLifeQatar

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2. Yam GoodFood (Daddy Yam’s)

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TASTY CHICKEN BBQ from #YamGoodFood (Daddy Yam's). A barbecue stick dipped in chili vinegar plus hot rice = a yummy dinner. The inspiring story of resiliency and determination from the expat couple who's behind this home business is very encouraging. I'm even more driven to help these small businesses in promoting their products. Order 10 sticks for only QR35 and get free delivery within Doha (from 5:30pm onwards). For bulk orders to house parties, place your order in advance. Simply WhatsApp 5027-5358 or visit their Facebook Page: YAM GOODFOOD (DADDY YAM'S). #supporthomebusinesses #homecooked #entrepreneurs #homebusinessinqatar #smallbusiness #chickenbarbecue #qatardaddyblogger #qatarpinoyblogger#BestLifeQatar

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3. Reytseflan Doha

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DESSERTS THAT NEVER FAIL. is such a good find… HAPPINESS indeed! They deliver desserts made by group of expat friends in Qatar. And that makes it extra special [swipe left for more]. BRAZO DE MERCEDEZ- QR20 GRAHAM DE LECHE – QR20 LECHE FLAN – QR15 Talk about our #supporthomebusinesses campaign, it feels good to know that we can help our entrepreneur friends… even in our own little way. Please do the same guys, check out their page, schedule a delivery, and post your photos! This could be the sweetest form of support we can give them… esp during these times. TO ORDER, SEND DM OR WHATSAPP +974 3017 4163 #reytseflan #lecheflan #dessertlover #lecheflandoha #desserts #graham #brazodemercedez #instacravings #sweettooth #sweetdelights #cheatday #homebusinessinqatar #quarantinecravings #dohasweets #qatardaddyblogger #qatarpinoyblogger #BestLifeQatar

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4. The House Kitchen by Tawina

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SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES l What have we been eating during this pandemic? Find out more in our latest blog post: Who loves #dalgonacoffee? And who's getting hooked in this latest food craze called #sushibake? We recently got in touch with another expat couple who call themselves by the name @thehousekitchenbytawina. They are selling this popular #bakedsushi and we were really impressed and we definitely agree why this is really a must try. We bought the smallest portion worth QR35, but they also have medium size QR75 and large tray QR150 to serve bigger families or groups. Aside from that, #thehousekitchenbytawina also sells sweet delicacies so check out their page and book your deliveries before they get sold out this weekend. #supportsmallbusiness #entrepreneurs #homebusinessinqatar #buyhomemade #qatardaddyblogger #qatarpinoyblogger #BestLifeQatar

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5. Sweet Infusion Qatar

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[Swipe Left] WHAT IS THE MEANING OF INDEPENDENCE FOR YOU? The word has many meanings and connects with people for different reasons. In a political sense, personal, and emotional level. Freedom to express, financial independence, freedom to choose… whatever it is, remember that it was a battle fought with blood and tears. And it's just fitting to celebrate, respect and commemorate it. Happy 122th Philippine Independence Day to all #FilipinosInQatar 🇵🇭 🇶🇦 and around the world, Today, as we continue to #supporthomebusinesses, let us continue to wage war to yet another battle, against COVID-19 that's affecting many businesses, sources of income, and work nowadays. OUR LATEST FEATURED HOME BUSINESS is @sweetinfusionqatar with their best sellers like these cinnamon rolls with almond cheese frosting, macaroons, and many more delicacies. Visit their FB/INSTAGRAM PAGE #SweetInfusionQatar for choices. And to order, call +974 5066 8514. It tastes so good I have to make a small video of it. The cinnamon is a mood setter… Happy Weekend! #supporthomebusiness #homebusinessinqatar #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #financialindependence #fnancialfreedom #freedom #122thPIDD #philippineindependenceday #filipinos #independence #qatardaddyblogger #qatarpinoyblogger #BestLifeQatarn

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6. Belly Chow Qatar

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THE BAKED SUSHI CRAZE IS REAL! And this BAKED KANI ABURI SUSHI is also something different… creamy on top with a hint of spice… a meal in itself because of the portion of rice. Our next home business specializes in their own version of baked sushi. KANI in Japanese means crab, and ABURI means flame seared or blowtorched. Glad to know that this popular dish also have different varieties which makes it even more exciting. On the hunt for the best sushi tray? This one from is also worth the try. Baked Kani Aburi Sushi Tray🥢 Small Tray: 35 QR 🍣 Includes 1 pack of Nori NEW‼ Medium Tray: 70 QR 🍣 Includes 2 packs of Nori Add on 🍣 Nori pack: 3 QR You may send them a message on their Facebook page or through Whatsapp at +974 3150 6886. #bellychowqatar #bakedsushi #delivery #bakedkaniaburisushi #smallbusiness #homebusinessinqatar #homebusiness #japanesesushi #sushibake #foodcraze #nori #japanesefood #homedelivery #qatardaddyblogger #qatarpinoyblogger #BestLifeQatar

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7. Sugar Rush by Kitchen Delights

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OUR WEEKEND IS FULL. We had #mixtakoyaki and #ubepandelsal from FB: Sugar Rush by Kitchen Delights. Details here: Available merienda to satisfy your cravings..🌹🙂👍 ✓✓Try their best seller Takoyaki for only 25 QR 🥢🥢 Choice of 2 flavors per set. (12 Takoyaki Balls) 😉❤️ – Squid – Shrimp – Crab Meat – Cheese Also available: ✓✓Ube Cheese Pandesal – 2.50 QAR each ✓Pandesal – 10 pcs/15 QAR ✓Pandesal with Cheese – 2 QAR each RESERVE YOUR ORDERS NOW! ✓PICK-UP : Along D-ring road Al Nuaija Area beside Al Ahli Stadium near The Mall or ✓DELIVERY via CAREEM/UBER charge to customer. ✓WHATSAPP at 33686188 (Name and order) for faster transaction. ❤️😘🥢👍 #supporthomebusiness #sugarrush #smallbusiness #kitchendelights #familybusiness #homebusinessinqatar #sugarrushbykitchendelights #merienda #snacks #snackfood #comfortfood #qatardaddyblogger #qatarpinoyblogger #BestLifeQatar

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8. CK Siomai Qatar (Hinam-Is 24/7)

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ICE CANDY ANYONE? The streets of Manila are never complete without these cold treats esp during Summer. NOW WE ALSO HAVE OUR VERSION HERE IN DOHA. Checkout these yummy delights from @cksiomaiqatar. She's popular in the community for selling really delicious siomai (see my IG stories) and beef cheesy spaghetti. Now, she's also helping another home business owner Hinam-Is 24/7 to partner for more delicious treats and eventually added up to her amazing line-up of products: 1. Chicken Siomai – Qar 30 (15pcs) 2. Chili Bottle – Qar 10 (200 ML) 3. Beef Cheesy Spaghetti – Qar 15 4. Leche Flan – Qar 15 5. Puto Flan – Qar 10 (6pcs) 6. Ice Candy – Qar 10 (3pcs) 7. Yema Balls – Qar 8 (12pcs) To order, send Whatsapp to 55484565 HELPING OTHERS NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE. Kudos to you #cksiomaiqatar. This is really giving us more motivation to keep up what we're doing. #supporthomebusiness #smallbusiness #buyhomemade #hinamis #sweets #cagayandeorodelights #helpingothers #qatardaddyblogger #qatarpinoyblogger #BestLifeQatar

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7. Souq De Mamshie

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THE BAKED SUSHI MADNESS CONTINUES, and this time we are able to try yet another variation of this latest craze – baked sushi with #kimchi! Grab a chance to be the first to experience #souqdemamshie's very own #2in1BakedSushi: the Cheesy Tuna and Crab Baked Sushi, and the Cheese Tuna & Crab Cauliflower Baked Sushi. YOU NEED TO REHEAT FOR FEW MINUTES BEFORE EATING to enjoy the flavours! New, well thought out recipes, and perfect for everyone's taste! Going for the classic? Try their Cheesy Tuna and Crab Baked Sushi 16pcs Nori sheets 1 Kimchi 🧀🍣🦀 🍙 Rice No More? NO PROBLEM! Cauliflower is the way! Cheese Tuna & Crab Cauliflower Baked Sushi is our top pick! 10pcs. Nori Sheets 1 Kimchi 🧀🍣🦀 For 35 Qar ONLY! TO ORDER, SIMPLY DM @souqdemamshie ON IG AND FB #supporthomebusiness #smallbusiness #koreanheart #homebusiness #bakedsushi #cheesytuna #crabbakedsushi #crabcauliflowerbkedsushi #seafood #sushi #sushilovers #sushivarieties #sushiflavours #qatardaddyblogger #qatarpinoyblogger #BestLifeQatar

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8. Adielicioussss


9. Qtart

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How do you like your tart? Warm or cold? 😄💛

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10. Baked Sweets Doha


11. Finn’s Qatar


12.Panadeya Qatar

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Mapagpalang Martes po mga suki! Here's a reminder that we can find happiness in the little things- kagaya ng tinapay na kinalakihan mo sa atin na binibili mo sa panaderya sa kanto na pinagsasaluhan nyo ng pamilya mo sa almusal- and those memories are precious enough. Don't be too hard on yourself. Let's spread love and share joy. The world is going through enough- and we hope that you're coping well. It's not easy but we'll get through this 💪🏽👊🏽 God bless po! #kabayaninDoha #pinoyinDoha #pinoyinQatar #kabayansaQatar #kabayansaDoha #pandesal #pinoyfoodinDoha #pinoybreadinDoha #dohafoodies #pinoyfoodie #pandesalsaDoha #pandesalsaQatar #spanishrolls #spanishbreadinDoha #spanishbreadsaDoha #chocolatecrinkles #chocolatecrinklesinDoha #pinoycrinkles #pinoycrinklesinDoha #pinoybreakfast #filipinobreadinDoha #malunggaypandesal #malunggaypandesalinDoha #cheesymalunggay #cheesymalunggayinDoha #moringabread #quesopandesal #quesopandesalinDoha #Panadeya #bakedgoods

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13.Haven Reyes



You still have few more days to join our giveaway special which is a collaboration between Jollibee Qatar and Best Life Qatar. In honor of great fathers everywhere, we wanted to saturate our feed with all the inspiring and encouraging messages.

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🔴🔴CONTEST ALERT!!!🔴🔴 WIN 1 of 14 BUCKET MEALS (Family Combo Meal) from @jollibeeqa and @bestlifeqatar. Yes, we're giving away not 1 but 14 Bucket Meals for our #fathersdaycollaboration! Follow these simple mechanics: 1.  FOLLOW Jollibee Qatar and Best Life Qatar on #Facebook 2.  FOLLOW Jollibee Qatar and Best Life Qatar on #Instagram 3.  ANSWER the BUCKET question in the comment section as concise yet meaningful as possible. Don’t forget to mention your FATHERS NAME and tag 3 of your friends. Each comment on Facebook and/or Instagram is considered 1 entry each. Total of 14 Winners will be selected via comment picker for both platforms. 4.  LIKE and SHARE this contest photo on your social media with the whole caption/contest mechanics and tag Jollibee Qatar and Best Life Qatar so we will be notified. Contest Period: from June 16 – June 20 (Saturday, 3pm) Winners will be announced on Best Life Qatar’s Youtube vlog and other social media channels on Sunday (June21) – #FATHERSDAY. You might also want to #SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel to get notified when the video is uploaded (type BEST LIFE QATAR on YouTube). We will contact you on your winning post/social media account to notify you on how we will homedeliver your BUCKET MEAL (within Jollibee Qatar delivery areas only, otherwise may be picked up from your nearest branch). This contest is for QATAR residents only. #happyfathersday #fathersday2020 #JollibeeQatar #jollibeeqatar10years #10yearsofjoy #colaboration #influencer #qatardaddyblogger #qatarpinoyblogger

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Fourteen beautiful stories will be randomly selected to win a BUCKET FAMILY COMBO from Jollibee Qatar and may be featured in our contents soon.

June 21 is FATHER’S DAY and we want to give our salute to all the heroes of our families. A HAPPY FATHER’S DAY greetings from #qatardaddyblogger!

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I'm a Christian, a husband and a father, a Filipino expat in Qatar, entrepreneur, aspiring blogger, freelance real estate consultant, lover of anything KOREAN, an adventurer.

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