Qatar is the Safest Country in the World according to

According to the website, the world’s largest cost of living database and a crowd-sourced global database, QATAR is the world’s safest country, while VENEZUELA tops the Crime Index by Country 2020 Mid-Year.

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According to the same website, Crime Survey is done by 86581 people in 5787 cities. Numbeo allows you to see, share, and compare information about crime levels and types worldwide. It surveys the following about crime and safety in the cities:

  • How serious you feel the level of crime is
  • Change of crime level in the past three year
  • Feeling of safety walking during daylight
  • Feeling of safety walking during night
  • How worried are you of being mugged or robbed
  • Worries of having a car stolen (or things from the car)
  • Worries of being physically attacked by strangers
  • Worries of being insulted or pestered by anybody, while in the street or any other public place
  • Worries of being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
  • Problem of people using and dealing drugs
  • How much is the problem property crimes?
  • How much is the problem violent crimes?



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Photo by Abdullah Ghatasheh from Pexels


Bermuda, a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, tops the Cost of Living Index with 147.77 points. The Cost of Living Index allows you to compare what it costs to live in one place against another. Qatar is at No. 11 with 57.05 points, while Philippine is at No. 89 with 25.07 points.



Numbeo allows you to see, share, and compare information about the quality of life. It surveys the following about quality of life in the cities:

  • Cost of living and purchasing power
  • Affordability of housing
  • Pollution including air, water, etc.
  • Crime rates
  • Health system quality
  • Traffic (commute times)

According to the list, Denmark leads the Quality of Life Index with 192.53 points, Qatar is at the 22nd spot with 156.90 points, while the Philippines is at 78th spot with 79.18 points.


ABOUT NUMBEO.COM was launched in April 2009 by its Founder and CEO, Mladen Adamovic (an ex-Google software engineer). Originally it was a website for crowd-sourced price comparison, but later in 2011 it started to collect data about crime, pollution, health care, and traffic. The website is maintained by Numbeo doo incorporated in Serbia.

Numbeo was mentioned or used as a source in hundreds of major newspapers around the world, including ForbesBusiness InsiderTimeThe EconomistBBCThe New York TimesChina DailyThe Telegraph. Numbeo claims to be the biggest website of its kind with more than 1.3 million data collected as of August 2014. According to Alexa‘s ranking in August 2014, was among the top 10,000 websites (ranked by traffic).

Numbeo has been sometimes used by UN FAO, IMF, The World Bank and many other international organizations.

In 2012, Columnist Alistair Walsh suggested in an article written for the website Property Observer, that Numbeo’s information is based on what people say and should be taken with grain of salt. There is no third party check or audit on the accuracy of data.

Comparison against other international city data sources conducted by Ray Woodcock in 2017 suggested that Numbeo might be inaccurate on a city level, while on a country level it is more accurate. (source: wiki)

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  1. Congratulations Qatar! Thanks for the Bold letters on PH, was easier to find on Crime Index, 42 is like median, so we still good not yet the worst 🙂

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