Support Small Stores | Helping the community in this trying time

After the successful community campaigns to #supportsmallbusiness and #supportlocalcommunities, we are extending our reach to #supportsmallstores in Qatar as we brace ourselves for the 3rd Phase of the gradual reopening in Qatar in August 1 (restricted restaurants opening with gradual increased capacity).

We’ve supported the SMALL HOME BUSINESSES and the stories of ex-pats and workers being affected by the crisis. Some of them lost their job, or their companies are struggling because of the pandemic as well, and they found doing home business (mostly home-cooked food) helpful to sustain their lives here in Qatar.

We have also opened our doors to welcome the LOCAL COMMUNITIES to introduce their products to our blog readers and social media followers. It was also an opportunity to let other people know of delicacies from different cultures… as well as cuisines that are equally very delicious. These are food experiences that can only be shared in a close, accommodating and very inclusive community.

Now, there’s another sector that is also affected by this pandemic.  Those who are maintaining small stores and paying their rents monthly, continuously paying their staff salaries even with low sales, yet struggling to sustain and keep up with the market via their own delivery services. But amidst all these challenges, we can still see them smiling, and inspiring us to carry on. They are the SMALL STORES around us.

Most of them don’t have a big budget for advertisement and promotions, so our efforts to spread the word will be very helpful at this point in time. Most of them – we have already featured in our previous SPECIAL SERIES and we hope you can revisit that:

See some of them here and give your support. Simply #FOLLOW them on social media, #ORDER food from them, and #POST some photos of your purchases and leave a recommendation.

We are all in this together and what we need t do is support each other in every way possible. We are facing a war that is big enough to shut down global operations… but our hearts burning with desire to help and sustain will surely shine brighter than this pandemic. Let’s use the hashtag #SupportSmallStores every time you order from any small to medium-sized establishments around Doha.



Address: Ground Floor, 03 Mall, Street 894, Zone 40, Al Salata, Doha




Address: Green Garden Hotel, Mezzanine Floor, Bahr Al Arab St, Doha
Phone: 3085 8883

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