Inspiring Filipino Vloggers that I Discovered while binge-watching during Eid Break

Since we are still observing some precautions, we preferred to stay home even during the Eid break when most people would go out to malls, parks, or beaches in Qatar. In this way, we will not only keep our self safe but also encourage other people to do the same, if it’s not necessarily needed to go out.

And what other things to do at home than do the usual stuff and binge-watch your favorite YouTubers… and even discover new ones that you can add to your watch list.

And luckily, we’ve found a few who really have good content – informative, inspiring, and entertaining (three of our usual “criteria for judging”, hehe). Nowadays, when a lot of people are vlogging for different reasons – you’ll surely find some who are so focused, determined and doing so well in delivering exciting content to their target audience. Some became them are making it look very easy to do but, in reality, it’s a feat that doesn’t just come out overnight.

As a content creator, I follow a lot of content creators too. Especially the successful ones and the “really influential” in the online community. I am curiously observing their ways and learning from them every time – picking up strategies that worked, and even discipline that’s needed to stay on top of your game. We can learn how they are landing those collaborations, what they are doing to manage their busy schedules (even sustaining it as a full-time career). The very life that everyone would want to have… getting paid for doing what you love the most!

During the long weekend holiday, I bumped into some vloggers who were showing on my suggested videos. That’s how it is on Youtube. When your keywords and contents are related to some popular ones, it can easily be suggested by the platform – earning you that much-needed views from their followers.

Here are some of them:

1.66M subscribers

She’s Letisha Velasco, known to many of her followers as Leti Sha who, based on numbers, is surprisingly gaining online popularity because of her straight-forward personality, charm, and positive vibes. She even mentioned that while social media represents the good and the beautiful, she wants to represent those who are not as “gifted” with looks and complexion. In reality, this lady possesses more than what she probably knows… it’s being authentic in this “social-media savvy” generation is something that makes her stand out – regardless of her social status, and all. Take a look at other popular content creators such as Llyod Cadena who was never ashamed of his background and make it a platform to show how people can enjoy in the midst of challenges in life, and showing us that we don’t have to be rich to be generous.

Leti Sha is very talented. Doing make-up transformation to the likes of her favorite celebrities is something not everyone can do. And that’s what makes her stand out from other creators. That unique talent and jolly personality that’s really a hit for those wanting to have a light moment watching Youtube contents.


773K subscribers


This is Architect Llyan Oliver Austria. His first Youtube account (Llyan Austria with 426K subscribers) features some of his architectural works and interests. Give it to his great editing skills, and his occasional comedic skits and parodies, his videos are very informative and really entertaining.

But it’s his second Youtube account (Oliver Austria with 773K subscribers) that became really popular because of his reaction videos to houses of some popular celebrities and Youtubers alike. With seven of his latest videos averaging 2M views, it is no double that he was able to hit the jackpot (right content, right audience, with the talent that he has). Watching his reaction videos will not only entertain you but will also educate you on subject matter that is truly dear to him – Architecture. Intelligence is something that many really find amusing and endearing… and that’s what’s truly inspiring about him.


93.7K subscribers

Being a younger brother of popular Youtuber, Benedict Cua who now has 1.41M subscribers could be an advantage to Doc Jerry But his own brand of wit and charm easily captivates his audience. While I also admired Ben’s sense of humor and clever take on sensible topics (with a hint of naughtiness at times), Doc Jerry is more straightforward and uncomplicated.

SMART… that would probably be the usual description for Doc Jerry. Being a young doctor that he is, he can be seen as a more credible person to discuss the ongoing health issues nowadays and making it even more palatable (and easily understandable) to different kinds of audiences. With a little more than 20 videos, he now has almost 100k subscribers, one of the fastest-growing channels which just started in June 2020.


In my past workshops and even in my earlier blog posts, I am very vocal about getting inspirations from fellow content creators. One must really embrace the concept of “continuous learning” in order to grow and evolve as a creator. What we have and what we can offer isn’t enough to stay in the game… there’s a lot more to learn. And you can only learn from the people who had been there… and who have done that.


Would you be interested to attend an online workshop about STARTING A VLOG? Can you recommend some DOHA-BASED VLOGGERS who can share his/her expertise? Or NEW VLOGGERS that we can also feature in our next post? Please let us know by commenting below. Thank you very much.


















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